Durex IPTV: Stream 8000+ Channels at $14.95

Durex IPTV

Entertainment freaks are preferring IPTV rather than traditional television delivered over satellite or antenna. IPTV uses IP multicasting, and you can watch anything from video-on-demand, time-shifted, and live TV. Most often, IPTVs are less costly when compared to streaming services. The advantage of internet protocol TV is it can be accessed on different devices without any complications. This section will give you the details regarding Durex IPTV, its features, pricing, and installation procedure.

Features of Durex IPTV

Upon downloading Durex IPTV, you will get access to the following features.

  • It features over 8000+ channels.
  • You can stream any titles in HD as well as SD quality.
  • It covers catchup TV, international TV, sports, PPV, etc.
  • Never miss the upcoming programs with the Electronic Program Guide.
  • In addition to the built-in player, you can use the external video player.
  • It updates new channels every now and then.
  • It has dedicated online chat support.

Durex IPTV Pricing & Plans

It is a premium IPTV service, and you can subscribe for unlimited entertainment.

  • Durex IPTV costs $14.95/month.

With this, you can stream 24/7 channels, sports, PPV, etc.

How to Sign Up for Durex IPTV

It is mandatory to sign up and create an account to use Durex Internet Protocol TV to the fullest.

1. Visit the official page of Durex TV on your PC browser.

2. Navigate to click on the Sign-in button.

3. Enter the necessary details like name, email, etc., on the respective field.

4. Choose the payment option and make the payment.

5. When the payment is a success, you will receive the login details on the email.

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How to Install Durex IPTV on Android Devices

The section below will help you download Durex IPTV on your Android devices, including tablets, phones, and TV boxes.

Pre-Requisite: Go to Android Settings >> Apps >> Menu >> Special Access >> Install Apps from Unknown Sources >> Chrome.

Install Apps from Unknown Sources

1. Navigate on the apps section to launch the Chrome browser.

2. Search for Durex IPTV apk using the address bar.

3. From the search result, select any trusted site and download the latest version.

4. Choose Install when you get the installation pop-up.

5. Wait until the download completes.

6. Once done, click Open to launch the IPTV.

7. Finally, enter the login details of the Durex IPTV as you have received on the email to stream content.

How to Sideload Durex IPTV on Firestick

The below steps is all you need to install the Durex IPTV on your Fire TV Stick.

Tweak Settings

You should make the below changes to access any third-party app like Durex TV on Fire TV.

1. On the FireTV home, click on the Gear icon and select My Fire TV.

Click on Gear

2. Hover to select the Developer options.

Developer options - Durex IPTV

3. Tap on the Install unknown apps using Fire remote.

Install from Unknown Sources

4. Highlight Downloader and turn it On if it shows Off.

Note: Install Downloader on Firestick if you haven’t from the Amazon App Store.

Turn On - Durex IPTV

Steps to Sideload Durex IPTV on Firestick

With the above changes, you should follow the steps given below to sideload Durex TV using the Downloader app.

1. Navigate on the Fire TV home to choose the Applications tile.

Applications - Durex IPTV

2. Scroll until you see Downloader to select it and launch it.

3. If you see any pop-up, you need to choose Accept or Dismiss.

4. When the Downloader opens up with the home tab, select the http:// field.

5. Enter the URL of the Durex IPTV apk and click on the Go button.

6. Allow the download process to complete on your Fire TV.

7. On the pop-up, select Install and wait for it to end.

8. Tap on the Open button once you see App installed message.

9. Select Login to provide the login details of the Durex TV.

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To Conclude

Installing Durex TV will not take much of your time. You can give it a try to check if that satisfies your streaming requirements. This IPTV works on two devices at the same time. Drop your suggestions and queries in the comment box.