IPTV Express is one of the most prominent online streaming services to watch TV shows and other videos. Being an Android app, it is accessible from different devices. IPTV Express has powerful servers all over the world, and you will be able to stream videos without any delays. With high-speed internet, you can stream 4K, HD, or SD videos. Although it is a subscription-based IPTV app, it is available at an affordable price. So, you can access a long list of channels and VOD at one low cost. With IPTV Express, you can stream more than 4000 channels and watch videos in different categories, including news, sports, movies, kids, VOD, and more. Above all, it supports streaming content in a multitude of languages.

Subscription Plans

As said, IPTV Express is a premium internet protocol television service and offers different subscription packages to stream videos.

  • 1 month – $9
  • 3 months – $25
  • 6 months – $47
  • 1 year – $90

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How to Install & Access IPTV Express on Android?

IPTV Express is not officially listed on Google Play Store. So you have to follow some special procedure to install it on Android phone, tablet, and even on smart TV.

*1: Firstly, click on the Android Settings on your device.

*2: Select the Security option under the Personal column.

*3: Under device administration, tap on the Unknown Sources box.

Tap to Enable Unknown Sources - IPTV Express
Tap to Enable Unknown Sources

*4: When prompted, click on Allow button.

*5: Now, open the web browser on your device.

*6: Type in the address bar as IPTV Express apk and press Enter.

*7: Open any trusted third-party site and download the latest version of IPTV Express apk fie.

*8: At last, launch the IPTV on an Android device after the installation to stream your favourite TV shows.

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With the help of STB Emulator, you can easily install IPTV Express on Android phone, TV, and boxes. Just follow the steps given below.

*1: Open the Google Play Store on your Android device from the apps section.

*2: On the search bar, type as STB Emulator and press the search icon.

Search for STB Emulator - IPTV Express
Search for STB Emulator

*3: Choose STB Emulator from the list of suggested apps shown to proceed further.

*4: Click on the Install button to get the emulator app on Android phone or TV.

Click on Install button
Click on the Install button

*5: Now, press the Open button to launch it on your device.

Press Open - IPTV Express
Press Open

*6: Hover to click the Settings option to select Common Settings.

*7: Then press the Network Settings option.

Select Network Settings
Select Network Settings

*8: You should uncheck Enable Network Cache and navigate back to Settings.

Tap on Enable Network Cache - IPTV Express
Tap on Enable Network Cache

*9: Select Profile, and after that, click on the Profile Name option.

*10: Just rename the profile name with the server name or colour and click OK.

*11: Choose the Portal Settings menu and tap on Portal URL further.

Enter Portal URL
Enter Portal URL

*12: You should delete the URL available and enter the IPTV Express URL as http://live.new4k.tv. Click on the OK button.

*13: Press the Back icon and then choose STB configuration.

Tap on STB Configuration - IPTV Express
Tap on STB Configuration

*14: Highlight MAC Address and enter the MAC address you have received as an email.

Click on Mac Address
Click on Mac Address

*15: Then click on the OK button and go back to the home screen of STB.

*16: Choose Profile option under Settings and select Server.

*17: At last, your Android device will be connected to IPTV Express automatically.

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How to Install IPTV Express on Kodi?

If you have the Kodi app installed on your smart TV or any other device, then IPTV Express can be installed using Stalker Client. Take a look at the procedure given below to get IPTV Express on Kodi.

*1: Launch the Kodi app on your device at first.

*2: Secondly, choose the Add-ons option from the left sidebar.

Choose My Add-Ons - IPTV Express
Choose My Add-Ons

*3: Select the My Addons menu on the next screen.

Choose My Add-Ons
Choose My Add-Ons

*4: After that, click the PVR clients option on the middle pane.

Tap on PVR Clients - IPTV Express
Tap on PVR Clients

*5: Scroll down to tap on Stalker Client.

Select Stalker Client
Select Stalker Client

*6: After that, choose the Configure icon available at the bottom.

Click on Configure icon - IPTV Express
Click on Configure icon

*7: From the Stalker client settings, click Portal 1.

Choose Portal 1
Choose Portal 1

*8: Tap on MAC Address and type the MAC address you have received on your email.

Type the MAC address - IPTV Express
Type the MAC address

*9: Click on the OK button and then choose Sever address. Also, type the new Portal URL that is sent to your mail.

*10: Tap OK and then select Enable icon on Stalker Client window.

Click Enable icon
Click Enable icon

*11: On the next screen, select TV on the left pane. You can finally stream IPTV Extreme on Kodi.


To Conclude

Just follow the procedure given below to download and install IPTV Express on Android phone and Android TV or Amazon Fire Stick using Kodi app. Further, you may choose the right subscription-based package to stream TV shows and shows online. You will get unlimited entertainment from any of the IPTV Express compatible devices at any time.