IPTV Stalker Addon: Review, Features, and Installation Guide

IPTV Stalker Addon

You may stream a large number of live TV channels from all over the world on your device using the IPTV Stalker addon. Additionally, customers can view free on-demand movies and TV shows. Based on the TV channel genre, the Stalker addon offers organized sections for content according to several categories. You may stream videos in SD and HD quality using this IPTV addon.


  • High-quality TV channels are provided by the IPTV Stalker Addon for countries including the US, the UK, and Canada.
  • Users of the service can stream online TV shows, movies, and music.
  • You can stream and download the IPTV Stalker Addon for free online.
  • The IPTV Stalker Addon is available on the super repo repository that users should download.

Is IPTV Stalker Addon Legal?

Kodi itself is a platform for viewing media content that is legally sound. It can be downloaded from a variety of app stores and supports the most well-liked streaming. That is accurate, but some Kodi add-ons also contain unlawful IPTV programming. Similar to the IPTV Stalker addon, which is totally free, it may contain unlicensed content. Therefore, install VPNs on your devices like NordVPN and ExpressVPN to watch IPTV content through the Stalker addon.

How to Install IPTV Stalker Addon on Kodi

The IPTV Stalker Addon can be easily added to Roku to access the TV channel lineup.

1. Open the Kodi apps and click on the Add-ons option.

2. Click the Download option and choose the PVR clients option.

Select PVR Clients

3. From the My add-ons section, select Stalker Client.

Choose the Stalker Client option to get IPTV Stalker Addon

4. Further click on Install and wait for the process to end.

Select the Install option

5. Return to the My add-ons option, followed by the PVR Clients option.

6. Select the Configure option.

Choose the Configure option

7. Choose the Portal 1 option and add the Server address and Mac Address of the device.

Choose the Portal 1 option

8. Next, choose the Enable option and select the TV option.

Select Enable to stream IPTV Stalker Addon

9. Click on Channels to access the TV channel playlist.

10. Also, restart the device and play IPTV content.

How to Fix IPTV Stalker Addon Not Working

The ideal service for streaming IPTV content is the IPTV Stalker addon. Minor issues have been encountered by users when streaming content from the add-on. Users need to utilize straightforward troubleshooting techniques to resolve these problems.

Remove Kodi Cache

To fix multiple issues relating to Kodi, clearing the cache is the best troubleshooting measure. So, if the addon comes up with playback errors, clear the cache from the device.

1. Open the Kodi app on your device.

2. Choose the Tools icon from the Dexter IPTV Addon.

3. Select the Clear Cache option in the menu and choose the Yes option.

4. Once again, launch the Tools menu on Kodi.

5. Select the Clear Providers option on the menu.

6. Click Yes to remove the cache from Kodi.

Check the Internet Strength

If the internet is slow, users might not be able to use the IPTV Stalker addon to watch IPTV content. Check to see whether the strength of your Wi-Fi network isn’t a problem. Restart the Wi-Fi router if you believe your internet connection is sluggish. Additionally, for a more reliable internet connection, connect to the internet using an Ethernet cable.

Connect to Another Wi-Fi Network

Connect to another Wi-Fi source if you have access to one. Reducing the number of active devices connected to the same Wi-Fi network is another effective solution. Contact your Internet Service Provider to make sure your Wi-Fi network is operating without any issues.

Restart Wi-Fi router

Get a VPN Support

Users are shown IPTV programming from numerous sources using IPTV Stalker Addon. This indicates that some IPTV content may have some geographic restrictions. In order to circumvent these limitations, customers should enable a VPN while streaming anything from the platform.


Kodi has a few different worthy-enough addons to access IPTV content over the internet.

Dexter IPTV Addon

Dexter IPTV Addon is a subscription-based IPTV service with plans starting at $19.98 per month. They include the best collection of IPTV content of multiple genres. The service offers the best streaming resolutions. Dexter IPTV Addon has support for EPG as well.

Cerebro IPTV Addon

One of the top Kodi Addons for streaming Live TV channels is Cerebro IPTV Addon. Sports and movies are also included in the service. More than 350 movie links are available to users. Installing the addon requires using a third-party repository.

Fluxus IPTV Kodi Addon

More than 1500 live TV channels are available through the free Fluxus IPTV Addon. They include TV stations from a variety of genres, such as sports, entertainment, and news. PPV events are also offered through the service. Arabic, English, and Spanish are among the languages that the Fluxus IPTV addon supports.


Open a library of intriguing IPTV material with the Stalker Addon. The only repository where you can download IPTV stalker for Kodi is the Super repo. High-quality video and audio are available to stream for free with IPTV Stalker. Contact the IPTV provider’s Customer Care team to resolve any issues with the addon.