Kijiji IPTV – Review, Sign Up, and Setup Guide

Kijiji IPTV
Kijiji IPTV

Kijiji is the local marketplace for buying and selling online. Here, you can find all the needed products to buy or sell first hand, second hand, or anything. You can find not only physical products but also digital products like IPTV subscriptions for both free and paid versions. Kijiji, itself does not offer any IPTV content any IPTV service, or streaming content. It is just a medium from which you can buy or sell digital content like Xtream Codes, M3U Playlist URL, IPTV activation code, etc. In the upcoming section, let’s see how to sign up and get an IPTV subscription using Kijiji.

How to Sign Up for Kijiji IPTV

It is essential to create an account and sign up for Kijiji IPTV. Without signup, you can only view the IPTV service and its plan available. By signing up, you can move forward for purchasing or sending a message to the respective to buy the plan. To sign up, follow the step below.

[1] Go to Kijiji’s official website.

[2] Make a click on Register at the top of the screen.

[3] Enter your profile, email, and password in the respective field.


[4] Click on Create Account to create your account.

[5] Now, you can view and buy any IPTV service from Kijiji.

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How to Use Kijiji to Buy IPTV Subscription

[1] From your smartphone or PC browser, visit

[2] Log in with your Kijiji account.

[3] Search for any particular IPTV service or just IPTV in the search bar.

search - Kijiji IPTV

[4] Use Filter to set your pricing details.

[5] Once set, find the IPTV service you like and click on it.

Price - Kijiji IPTV

[6] Choose any of the available IPTV and view its whole description.

[7] Click on Send Message to let the user know you are interested.

Send message

[8] Once done, you will receive all the details and payment link.

[9] Make the payment, and you will receive your IPTV credentials.

How to Install Kijiji App on Smartphone (Android and iOS)

[1] Search and install the Kijiji App from the Play Store / App Store.

Kijiji App

Note: If not available at your location, install the app using the Kijiji APK file.

[2] Sign up with your Kijiji Account.

[3] Search the IPTV service and find the one that suits you.

[4] Purchase the plan and make the payment.

[5] Once done, you will receive your IPTV login credentials.

Wrapping Up

Kijiji is a Canada-based online local market service, where you can find and buy IPTV services. It works just like VK IPTV where you can only view or buy IPTV service. Kijiji does not offer any kind of IPTV streaming content like movies, TV shows, or Live TV channels. Also, it is not an IPTV player where you can play the IPTV content using IPTV M3U URLs or Xtream codes. If you have any queries, let us know in the comments section below.