Pastebin IPTV: How to Watch on Android and Firestick

pastebin iptv

Pastebin IPTV is one of the popular IPTV providers that offers your plenty of M3U playlist links at a low cost. To stream Pastebin IPTV content, you need an IPTV Player that supports the M3U link. Using this IPTV service, you can watch thousands of movies and TV shows in different languages. This IPTV service features Anti-freezing technology. So, you will not find any freezing issues while streaming the video content. Pastebin IPTV is one of the best options that bring you lots of M3U URLs.

How to Sign Up for Pastebin IPTV

1. Go to the official website of Pastebin IPTV on a browser.

2. Navigate to the Subscription section and choose your subscription plan.

3. Tap Buy Now and follow the on-screen prompts to complete the payment process.

4. Upon successful payment, you will receive the PastebinIPTV login credentials and M3U URL in the mail.

Some M3U URL by Pastebin IPTV

Take a look at the URL provided by the PastebinIPTV in the below section.

  • Url:
  • Username: Grupo1
  • Password: Grupo1
  • Url:
  • Username: 631089164
  • Password: x4578jghfh;k
  • Url:
  • Username: flight
  • Password: flight12
  • Url:
  • Username: q9UGpGpD5L
  • Password: DzVItMvkFb
  • Url:
  • Username: attv2756
  • Password: 201956

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How to Stream Pastebin IPTV on Android Devices

Follow the steps given below to watch PastebinIPTV on smartphones, tablets, and TV boxes powered by Android OS.

1. On your Android device, launch the Play Store app.

2. Using the Search bar, find the GSE Smart IPTV.

3. On the info window, click Install to download it.

Install GSE SMART IPTV to watch Pastebin IPTV

4. On the app’s interface, click the hamburger icon and select the option Remote Playlists.

5. Tap the + icon and choose the Add M3U URL option.

M3U URL - Pastebin IPTV

6. Provide the playlist URL and login details of Pastebin IPTV.

7. Press Add User button.

8. Within seconds, you will see all the content of Pastebin IPTV.

How to Watch Pastebin IPTV on Firestick

To get Pastebin IPTV on Fire TV, you shall go ahead and follow the section below.

1. On the Fire TV home screen, go to the Find tab and click Search.

Select Search

2. Type Downloader on the search box using the on-screen keyboard.

3. Locate and select the app from the search results.

4. Click the Download or Get button to install the app.

Tap Get

5. Then, Go to Firestick Settings and tap the My Fire TV tile.

Select My Fire TV

6. Tap Developer Options and hit the option Install Unknown Apps.

Click Developer Options

7. Look for the Downloader app and enable it.

Enable downloader

8. Now, launch the Downloader app on Firestick.

9. On the home screen of Downloader, select the URL field.

Enter the IPTV player link

10. Type the URL of the IPTV Smarters Pro and press GO.

11. Select Install on the pop-up.

Install IPTV player to stream Pastebin IPTV

12. After the installation, you will see the App installed message. Click Open.


13. On the Terms of Use window, select Accept.


14. Click on the +Add New User option.

Add User - Pastebin IPTV

15. Fill in the login credentials of Pastebin IPTV.

16. Tap on the Add User button to stream movies and TV shows of PastebinIPTV on Firestick.

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Wrap Up

With the PastebinIPTV, you will get access to lots of reliable M3U playlists. Upon using the playlist, you shall start to stream your favorite playlists on the go. Nowadays, most IPTV services are untrustworthy and stream copyrighted content. Watching copyright content leads to legal issues. So, use a reliable VPN service to stream PastebinIPTV hassle-free.