Best IPTV PLayer for Linux

Best IPTV Player for Linux & Ubuntu [2021]

IPTV stands for Internet Protocol Television. The IPTV delivers Live TV Streams, Movies, non-live TV Shows, and Videos to your devices using the Internet. The convenience of using the IPTV is it lets you choose what you want to stream. There are plenty of IPTV Players available for Windows, Android, Mac, Linux, iOS, and much more. But you have to choose a few best IPTV Players for different platforms and use them. If you are using Linux & Ubuntu OS, then there are only a few IPTV Players that make your entertainment experience very rich. Let us discuss more on Best IPTV Player for Linux & Ubuntu.

Best IPTV Player for Linux / Ubuntu

Here is the list of best IPTV Player for Linux and Ubuntu.

  1. Kodi
  2. VLC
  3. Miro
  4. FreeTUXTV
  5. iptvx
  6. PerfectPlayer IPTV
  7. Ubuntu TV
  8. IPTVnator

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Kodi is a fantastic media player which allows you to manage your local and online videos. It can be termed as the Best IPTV Player for Linux & Ubuntu as it has the ability to install IPTV addons to watch live TV streams and movies. Kodi Media Player is an open-source, free media player. By installing Live IPTV addons, you can install plenty of addons containing live stream channels from various countries.

Best IPTV Player for Linux & Ubuntu


VLC Media Player requires no special intro as it is one of the most used video players across the globe. As we are used to VLC Media Player, it will be easy for us to use it as an IPTV Player. VLC Media Player has plenty of features included in it. One such feature is to stream live m3u URLs. You can add the m3u playlist as a URL and start streaming the channels. There is an option to add the playlists as a local file.


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Stream the best of IPTV with Miro on Ubuntu. It is an open-source and free media player available for different platforms. Miro works with your existing library. It helps you download, convert, and play almost any video. It supports all the formats, and you can use it as an IPTV Player. With this, you can load the m3u file or playlist on Miro and stream the IPTV content in no time.



FreeTUXTV allows you to watch various TV channels and radio stations using your Internet. By installing FreeTUXTV, you can stream all sorts of Live TV Channels and radios for free. FreeTUXTV is an amazing IPTV Player which is dedicated to the Linux platform. This application has many features, and you are able to record streaming media. There is an option to add playlists locally as well.

Best IPTV Player for Linux & Ubuntu

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iptvx is another best IPTV Player for Linux. It is a dedicated application available for Linux. The LibVLC library of the iptvx app is used for the streaming of videos and audios. There is a playback option available as well. By using the playback option, you can stream the video later as well. There is an option to browse channels and check the EPG channel list.

Best IPTV Player for Linux & Ubuntu

Perfect Player IPTV

The lineup of best IPTV players for Linux will not end without Perfect Player IPTV. It is a free and advanced media player to support the M3U playlist. With this media player, you can access EPG formats like XMTLV and JTV. It is a full-featured IPTV for Linux with a semi-transparent OSD. The advanced channels list management ensures up-to-date details with playlists. It is one of the tools to support fully compatible automatic playlists and EPG exporting.

PerfectPlayer IPTV

Ubuntu TV

Ubuntu TV is a modern IPTV Player which contains live TV Channels, movies, and videos. By using Ubuntu TV, you can easily integrate broadcast, online service, and applications. The application allows you to search, watch, record, and play live channels and movies. There are millions of movies and videos available over the web on-demand.



IPTVnator is yet another best IPTV player for Linux and Ubuntu. It supports different IPTV playlists covering m3u as well as m3u8. You can add and open remote playlists, search for channels, and more. It comes with an EPG TV guide, and you will stay tuned to the current and upcoming programs. You can even drag and drop the playlist, and it will instantly load the IPTV.


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Wrapping Up

The above is the list of Best IPTV Player for Linux and Ubuntu. Although Linux and Ubuntu OS have only limited IPTV players, you can go ahead with installing any of the above apps and enjoy watching IPTV on Linux.

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