How to Set Up Black Box TV IPTV Set-Top Box

To set up Black Box TV

IPTV’s are differentiated into IPTV service providers and IPTV Media Players. IPTV service providers are those who provide content over the internet, and IPTV Media Players help to stream the content provided by the service providers. There are some IPTV providers who have their own media players to stream the content. At the same time, some rarer IPTV services have their own set-top box that allows the users to stream only its content. Here, let us discuss the rarer IPTV service provider called Black Box TV IPTV. This IPTV has two set-top boxes called SuperBox and Gold AI TV. Now, let’s see how to subscribe and set up this IPTV.

How to Subscribe for Black Box IPTV

(1) Turn On your PC and select the browser.

(2) Enter Black Box TV IPTV on the search and choose its official website ( from the search results.

(3) Navigate to the IPTV and scroll down to Subscriptions.

(4) On the TV Subscriptions page, click on the Buy Now button on the Plan you choose.

Select Buy Now to set up Black Box TV

(5) Select Add to cart and click on View cart.

Select View cart

(6) Then, click on Proceed to checkout. On the Checkout page, enter your Billing details like Name, Country, Email Address, and more.

Select proceed to checkout

(7) On the Credit Card section, enter your Card Number and other details, and select Place Order.

Select Place Order to set up Black Box TV

(8) You have now subscribed to Black Box TV IPTV.

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Black Box TV IPTV Set-Top Box

You can only stream Black Box IPTV through the Black Box TV IPTV Set-top boxes. This IPTV provides you with two different set-top boxes to choose from. They are

  • SuperBox
  • Gold Al TV



You need to pay a one-time payment of $399, and there are no monthly subscriptions required. It also comes with a lifetime TV unlimited subscription. You can stream over 2000+ channels and Video-on-Demand that includes more than 10,000+ movies and TV shows. It comes with a 2 Years Warranty and 3 Years Server Guarantee. The SuperBox has over 2GB of RAM & 32GB of Storage and can stream up to 8K quality resolution videos.

Gold AI TV

Gold AI TV

You need to pay a one-time payment of $160 and a monthly subscription of $15.00. You can watch free live TV for up to 3 months. It also includes features like Voice Command, Remote Control, and PVR function capabilities. The Gold AI TV has over 2GB of RAM & 32GB of Storage, and it supports 4K and 6K quality resolution videos.

How to Buy Black Box TV IPTV Set-Top Box

(1) Go to the Black Box TV IPTV official website. On the home page, click on IPTV and select IPTV Boxes.

(2) Choose the IPTV Box you want and select Buy Now.

Select Buy now to set up Black Box TV

(3) Click on Add to cart and select View cart.

Select Add to card to set up Black Box TV

(4) Select Proceed to checkout. On the new page, enter Billing Details like Name, Email Address, Phone Number, and more.

Enter Billing Details

(5) On the Credit Card section, enter your Card Number and more. Click on Place Order to finish the process.

(6) You have now successfully ordered an IPTV set-top box.

How to Setup Black Box TV IPTV Set-Top-Box

Gold AI TV set up

(1) Plug the power cord on your set-top box and connect the power cable to a wall outlet.

(2) Connect one end of the HDMI cable to your set-top box and the other end to your TV.

(3) Then, connect the antenna to your set-top box so that it can receive Wi-Fi signals.

(4) Plug the USB Chip of your remote on the set-top-box so that you can connect the remote with your set-top-box.

(5) Now, you have finished setting up the IPTV Set-Top-Box.

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Wrapping Up

Although Black Box TV IPTV is great, it has a lot of disadvantages like you can only watch it using the set-top-boxes they offer. You can also stream the content using any Android TV set-top-boxes, but here you can only get the content that the IPTV suggests. I hope this article was helpful to you, and kindly leave your thoughts in the comments section.