Dexter IPTV Addon: Review, Features, and Installation Guide

Dexter IPTV Addon

Dexter IPTV Addon is one of the leading IPTV providers that offers an impressive library. This premium IPTV addon includes popular IPTV content of various genres. It streams IPTV content like TV channels, movies, and TV shows. All of this IPTV content is available to stream in high-definition. You can consider Dexter IPTV to be one of the best IPTV services in the USA.


  • Subscribers of Dexter IPTV addon users with content like sports, news, movies, and TV shows.
  • Popular TV channels available on Dexter TV Channel are Animal Planet, Nickelodeon, USA, MTV, Discovery, Comedy Central, A&E, ABC, and more.
  • The subscription plans from Dexter IPTV start at $19.98 per month.
  • Dexter IPTV has support for EPG that provides information from the content on the available TV channels.

Is Dexter IPTV Addon Legal?

No. Kodi is a legal streaming platform available in popular app stores. However, various Kodi addons are known to include copyright-restricted IPTV content. The same might apply to the Dexter IPTV addon. So, users should sign up for one of the secure VPNs. We recommend users sign up for VPN services like NordVPN or ExpressVPN.

How to Install Dexter IPTV Addon on Kodi

You can add the Dexter IPTV addon in two steps as below.

Install Dexter IPTV Repository

From the official Kodi website, users may install Kodi on various devices like Firestick, Android, and Windows PC.

1. Click the Settings icon in the Kodi app.

Select System icon

2. Select the System option in Settings.

3. Next, choose the Add-ons option from the menu.

4. Click on Unknown Sources and select Yes in the prompt.

Select Unknown Sources

5. Select the File manager icon back from the System menu.

Open File Manager - Dexter IPTV Addon

6. Choose the Add Source option on the next screen.

7. Click the <None> symbol and type the repository link [] into the search box.

 8. Click the OK button and select a media source.

9. Select the OK button and choose Add-ons from the Settings menu.

Select the Add-ons icon - Dexter IPTV Addon

10. Choose Install from zip file followed by the media source.

Select Install from Zip File - Dexter IPTV Addon

11. Next, choose the zip file.

Install Dexter IPTV Addon

You can install the Dexter IPTV addon on the device from the repository after accessing it on Kodi.

1. On the Kodi app, click the Install from repository option.

Select Install from repository - Dexter IPTV Addon

2. Choose the Dexter IPTV Repository from the screen.

3. Click on the Video add-ons option in the menu.

4. From the menu, choose Dexter IPTV.

5. Select the Install option followed by the OK button.

6. Return to the home screen and click the Add-ons option.

7. Locate the Video Add-Ons option and select it.

8. Click the Dexter IPTV icon in the section.

9. After that, users can use the Kodi software to stream content using the Dexter IPTV addon.

How to Dexter IPTV Addon Not Working

The Dexter IPTV add-on does not frequently have problems. However, a few minor glitches have apparently occurred for service users. Users can always resolve these problems to make the add-on function properly on Kodi.

Check the Internet Strength

If the internet is slow, users might not be able to watch videos from Dexter IPTV. They must therefore evaluate the internet’s strength. When the Wi-Fi network starts to slow down, restart the Wi-Fi router. It will be advisable to use an Ethernet cable to access the internet as it provides better internet strength for users. If available, users can connect their devices to another strong internet source. If nothing helps fix issues with the internet, contact the Internet Service Provider.

Access Geo-restricted Content With a VPN

Users are presented with content from multiple sources in one location through the addon. This indicates that a small number of streaming contents may be subjected to geo-restrictions on the service. Use a VPN while streaming content with the addon if you have trouble accessing it due to geo-restrictions.

Remove Kodi Cache

The greatest troubleshooting suggestion for Kodi issues is to erase the app cache. To clear the device’s cache, comply with the following instructions.

1. Click the Tools icon in the Dexter IPTV Addon.

2. Select the option for Clear Cache.

3. Select the Yes option.

4. Return to Kodi’s Tools menu.

5. Choose the Clear Providers option, then click Yes.

Restore the Device to Factory Settings

If you have trouble streaming content on your device, try a factory reset. However, a reset will erase all of your data and applications from the device. Users must set up the device when the reset procedure is finished. Additionally, Kodi must be installed on the device, and the Dexter IPTV addon must be configured.

Contact Dexter IPTV Support

To get in touch with the customer service department, go to the Dexter TV IPTV website. On the website, there is a contact form that may be filled out online. Users can submit the form on the official website with their questions. It can take the support staff up to three working days to fix the problems.

Get Another Add-on

Get another effective Kodi addon if the Dexter IPTV addon does not function on your devices. For Kodi, several add-ons allow you to stream sports and entertainment content. This includes both free and premium add-ons with the best collection of TV channels and VOD content.


Users who are looking for the best alternatives for Dexter IPTV need to get one of these on Kodi.


The library of the Dexter IPTV addon includes an impressive collection of IPTV content of multiple genres. For instance, watch sports, news, movies, and other TV shows on the platform. So, the users can watch all their favorite TV channels in HD streaming resolution. It also includes support for Electronic Program Guide and External Players.