Double Agent IPTV: Review, Features, and Setup Guide

Double Agent IPTV Service

IPTV is an up-gradation to traditional cable or satellite TV watching. It offers more choice, control, and convenience to the users while streaming content. IPTV’s are less pricey when compared to popular streaming services. However, IPTV doesn’t bring your favorite titles but is more about watching regular TV programs when needed. To take advantage of this, you require an uninterrupted internet connection. Of many IPTVs, we are about to deal with Double Agent IPTV here.

Features of Double Agent IPTV

The interesting features available with the Double Agent IPTV are as follows.

  • There are more than 2000 live TV channels available.
  • It lets you access its ever-expanding library of VOD titles.
  • You can get support over email only.

Double Agent IPTV Plans & Pricing

There are two different pricing and plans available with Double Agent internet TV. You can choose either of them as per your need.

  • 1 Month – $8 [1 Connection]
  • 1 Month – $20 [4 Connections]

How to Register for Double Agent IPTV Account

Since Double Agent is a subscription-based IPTV, you should sign up for an account.

1. From your PC browser, visit the official website of Double Agent IPTV.

2. Go ahead and select the plan of your choice.

Choose Plan

3. Now, enter the necessary details.

4. Make the payment over PayPal or Bitcoin.

5. Once done, you will receive the login details over your registered email id.

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How to Download Double Agent IPTV on Android Devices

If you want to use Double Agent on your Android phone, tablet, or Android TV box, you shall follow the steps below.

Pre-Requisite: Download the Filelinked app from the Google Play Store.

1. Navigate on the apps column of your Android device and launch the Filelinked app.

2. Input the code of Double Agent TV as 1929106 and select Continue.

Code - Double Agent IPTV

3. With this, you will get the apk store. Use the search bar to find the DASTREAMZ apk.

Select Apk - Double Agent IPTV

4. Select the Install icon to download the apk on your Android device.

5. Launch the IPTV and enter the login details as received.

6. Choose Sign In to stream Double Agent channels on your Android device.

How to Get Double Agent IPTV on Firestick

With the help of Downloader, you shall stream Double Agent IPTV on your Fire TV or Firestick.

Tweak Settings

The preliminary thing you should do before installing any apk is to configure Fire TV Settings.

1. From the Fire TV’s homepage, choose the Find menu to click the Search tile.

Click on Search - Double Agent IPTV

2. Search for Downloader by clicking on the search bar and type using the virtual keyboard.

Search for Downloader

3. Under Apps & Games, select Downloader.

Select Downloader - Double Agent IPTV

4. Choose the Install option to download it.

5. Get back to Firestick home and select the Cog icon.

6. Select My Fire TV and choose Developer Options.

Developer options - Double Agent IPTV

7. Further, click Install Unknown Apps.

Install from Unknown Sources

8. Highlight Downloader and turn On.

Turn On - Double Agent IPTV

Steps to Sideload Double Agent IPTV on Fire TV

Once after carrying out the above steps, you shall proceed with installing the Double Agent IPTV apk.

1. Launch Downloader on your Firestick and select the http:// field under the Home tab.

Downloader home - Double Agent IPTV

2. Now, you should type the URL of Filelinked apk and press GO.

3. Select the Install button if you get the installation window.

4. If you get the App installed message, you shall click Open to launch it.

5. Now, enter the code as 19229106 and click Continue.

6. If you get the Double Agent apk store, scroll to select DAStreamz apk and press Install.

7. Once after the installation, open the IPTV and enter the login details.

8. Press Sign In, and you can watch any title on Firestick.

How to Watch Double Agent IPTV on PC – Windows & Mac

If you prefer to stream Double Agent titles on your Windows or Mac PC, you shall get an Android emulator.

  • Pre-Requisite:
    • Download BlueStacks emulator from its official website.
    • Download Double Agent Streamz apk from the link you have received the login details or get from its official website.

1. Launch BlueStacks and sign in with your Google account.

2. Navigate to click on the Menu icon and select Install Apk.

3. Browse through the download location and select the apk.

4. Allow the installation to end and launch the IPTV.

5. Provide your login details to watch any titles.

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To Conclude

Although Double Agent TV seems to be less pricey, it does hold few drawbacks. Although it has live TV and on-demand titles, there is no brief mention of what channels or content it is offering. Further, it doesn’t offer live support over chat or calls. So, it is up to you to decide if you are still fine getting it. For further questions, you shall drop us a comment below.