FSPlayer TV: Review, Features, & Setup Procedure

FSPlayer TV
Supported Playlist FormatsM3U Links
Compatible DevicesWindows PC, Xbox One, and Xbox X|S
EPG SupportYes
External Player SupportNo

Are you looking for ways to stream your favorite content from an IPTV provider on Xbox devices or Windows PCs? If so, FSPlayer TV is the most efficient IPTV Player you can try. It can handle M3U playlist formats effortlessly.

You can install this IPTV player on all mainstream media streaming devices. The IPTV Player comes with an intuitive and intuitive interface with EPG support optimized for both Windows and Xbox devices.

It is important to note that this IPTV Player offers no playlist or channels to stream. However, it includes some useful features such as a Wishlist, media visualization, and more.


FSPlayer TV is a free IPTV player. You can install and access all its features for free on your Xbox devices.

Is FSPlayer TV Legal?

IPTV Players are completely legal and safe to use as they don’t provide any IPTV content to stream. It works as a medium to play the source media, such as the content from IPTV providers. However, when IPTV players are used for IPTV streaming, there are higher possibilities for the user to watch unverified IPTV services and their offerings, resulting in copyright infringement and other legal issues. However, relying on a VPN keeps you away from such legal issues. Therefore, we recommend using NordVPN, the best VPN for streaming IPTV in the market with rich features and stable connectivity, while using IPTV Player. 

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Supported Devices

FSPlayer TV on Windows PCXbox One

How to Install FSPlayer TV on Windows PC or Xbox Consoles

1. Turn on your device and make sure that it has a stable network connection.

2. Open the Microsoft Store on your Windows PC or Xbox Console.

3. Click on the Search tab.

4. Enter FSPlayer TV and tap on the Search icon.

5. Click on the FSPlayer TV from the list of available IPTV apps in search results.

6. Now, click on the Install button to download the app, and the app will be installed on your device.

Quick Shortcut: Instead of the traditional way, you can visit the Microsoft Store directly from here to reach and install FSPlayer TV on your Xbox device.

Click Get to install FSPlayer TV on Windows PC

7. Once installed, launch the FSPlayer TV on your device.

8. Provide the NameM3U URL, and EPG URL of your service provider in the given fields.

Provide the Name, M3U URL, and EPG URL- FSPlayer IPTV

After a few minutes of loading the playlist file, you can watch the media content offered by your provider on your PC or Xbox device.


You can try the IPTV players mentioned here as alternatives to the FSPlayer TV and access the Xtream codes of different IPTV service providers.

PlayerSupported FormatsPricingEPG SupportSupported Devices
Flix IPTVM3U file format€8.99YesAndroid, iPhone or iPad, Firestick, Windows & Mac PC, and Smart TV
Televizo IPTV PlayerM3U URL and Xtream Codes APIFreeYesAndroid, Firestick, Smart TV, Windows, and Mac PC
Perfect PlayerM3U URLs and XSPF playlistsFreeYesAndroid, Firestick, Windows & Mac PC, and Smart TV


If you are searching for the best IPTV player for your Windows, then FSPlayer TV is an excellent option, you can opt for. This IPTV player is completely free to install without any in-app purchases. With this player, users can access different IPTV service providers. It also extends its support to EPG offered by the service providers.

The only drawback about this IPTV player is that it is available only for your Windows PC. If you have any queries or suggestions, then you can contact the desk team via email at [email protected]

Rating: Considering our hands-on experience with this Player, we would rate this player 7 out of 10.


1. Can I install FSPlayer on Android-based devices?

No. FSPlayer TV doesn’t have its apk version. So, you can use this app only for Windows or Xbox devices.