Nemesis Kodi Addon: Review, Features, and Installation Guide

Nemesis Kodi addon

The Nemesis Kodi Addon is the ultimate destination for entertainment. You can watch the latest movies and episodes of popular TV shows on this addon. Apart from that, it has an on-demand library that includes animes, cartoons, documentaries, and many more excellent titles. It is also an ideal Kodi addon for sports fans. It is because they can watch sports as pay-per-view events on the service.


  • To stream content from the service, users need to generate a PIN code every four hours.
  • This addon is available in the Stream Army Repository.
  • It has the best collections of HD-quality content.
  • There are a few party and chat rooms that the users can join.

Is Nemesis Kodi Addon Kodi Addon Legal?

No, the IPTV add-on may contain copyrighted content and is, therefore, not completely legal. Streaming video with the Nemesis Kodi IPTV addon can expose your streaming devices to online threats. Therefore, users are urged to install the best VPN for IPTV on their devices, such as NordVPN or ExpressVPN. In order to improve their online security, consumers can utilize either app.

How to Install Nemesis Kodi Addon

Install the Nemesis Repository

The Nemesis repository needs to be installed on their devices.

1. Open the Kodi app on your device, then select Settings from the menu.

Open Kodi Settings

2. From the list of choices, choose System Settings.

Select System Settings

3. From the left panel, select Addons, then turn on the Unknown Sources option.

Select Unknown Sources

4. In the Warning popup menu, select Yes.

Choose the Yes option

5. Select the Settings icon in the top left corner of the Kodi home screen.

6. From the list of options, pick the File Manager tile.

Open File Manager

7. Double-click the Add Source button, then select an option from the popup menu.

Click Add Source - Nemesis Kodi Addon

8. Type [] into the Nemesis Addon URL field and select the OK button.

Provide the Nemesis Kodi Addon repo URL

9. Replace the media sources’ names with Stream Army and click OK.

10. Return to Kodi’s home screen and select Addons from the left-hand menu.

Select Addons - Nemesis Kodi Addon

11. In the top left corner, click the Package Installer icon.

12. On the following page, select the Install from Zip file option.

Select Install from zip file - Nemesis Kodi Addon

13. Select the official zip file by clicking the Stream Army repo.

Choose the Nemesis Kodi Addon repository

14. The repository will be installed on your Kodi within a short amount of time.

15. You will see a popup notification that says Addon Installed when the addon has been installed.

Install the Nemesis Kodi Addon

After installing the repository, users need to add the Kodi addon.

1. Select Install from repository from the menu.

Select Install from repository

2. On the following page, choose the Stream Army Repo.

Choose the Nemesis Kodi Addon repository

3. Select the NemesisAIO file by selecting Video Add-ons.

Choose NemesisAIO - Nemesis Kodi Addon

4. To install the addon on your device, select the Install button.

Select the Install button - Nemesis Kodi Addon

5. Select OK from the pop-up window.

How to Use Nemesis Kodi Addon

1. Start the Kodi application on your device.

2. In the left panel, select the Addons option.

3. From the list of installed addons, choose and open the Nemesis Addon.

4. To access the content, the add-on will ask you to enter your PIN code.

5. At this point, open any web browser. 

6. Go to the following link [].

7. Select the Generate A Pin Code option at the bottom of the page.

8. To view the PIN code select the Click to View Pin option and make a note of it.

9. On Kodi, launch the Nemesis addon and enter the PIN code you have written down.

10. Press the OK button to launch the Nemesis addon and stream the content.

How to Fix Nemesis Kodi Addon Not Working

A few playback issues appear while streaming content in the Nemesis Kodi addon. It is because the service is completely free, and countless people may be utilizing it simultaneously. The majority of the difficulties you encounter with this addon may be resolved.

Use a VPN

There may be geographic limitations when streaming content using the IPTV add-on. Using a VPN will enable you to bypass these limitations and stream your favorite movies and sports.

Reset The Wi-Fi Router

If the addon is buffering or you are having trouble loading its data, your internet connection may be the cause. Restarting the Wi-Fi router is therefore advised for users. For a stronger internet signal, you can also utilize an Ethernet cable.

Clear Cache on Kodi

Kodi’s cache can be removed, which is one of the greatest solutions for most problems.

1. Launch the Nemesis addon and click the Tools button.

2. Select the Clear Cache option from the menu.

3. After that, select the Yes option from the menu.

4. Return to the Kodi Tools menu and choose the Clear Providers option.

5. Select the Yes option once more.


There are a couple of different excellent IPTV addons that you can use in place of the Nemesis Kodi addon.

Stallion IPTV Addon

The Stallion Addon is among the best IPTV Kodi addons comprising TV networks and on-demand content. Several nations, notably the US and the UK, contribute to TV channels. It is a no-cost application that does not require registration.

Rising Tides Addon

Get the Rising Tides addon if you’re looking for a sports addon for Kodi. Users can watch payper-view events, live TV channels, and live sports events using this addon. The addon compiles free sporting events from the internet and makes them accessible to everyone.

Fluxus TV IPTV

One of the well-known IPTV service providers is the Fluxus IPTV addon, It enables you to view live TV shows is Fluxus TV. Using the M3U playlist it broadcasts interesting IPTV content. The service includes global web radio streaming, podcasts, and tech blogs.


The Nemesis Kodi Addon will impress you with its channel lineup and other on-demand collections. To stream content from this service, users need to link accounts with Real Debrid. It has a smooth user interface that will not come up with frequent streaming issues. However, if you come across streaming issues, you should perform simple fixing procedures.