Perfect Player IPTV Not Working: Reasons & Fixes

Perfect Player IPTV Not Working

Perfect Player is one of the best IPTV players available. It gets access to the TV channel playlist of your provider and lets you stream it on your TV. It supports numerous video formats, like M3U and XSPF files, making it the most frequently suggested third-party player. Perfect Player straightforwardly manages every IPTV subscription you have. It has many functions, including integration with IPTV data servers, compatibility with many languages, and more. Try these solutions on your device if Perfect Player IPTV is not working.

How to Fix Perfect Player IPTV not Working

If an IPTV Player is not working on any device, it might be hard to figure out the root cause. Some of the common issues that might occur on Perfect Player are listed in the section below.

Perfect Player Sign-Up Issues

Users can get access to their channel playlist from any IPTV provider by signing in to their subscriptions. The app has a simple interface and lets users access their favorite TV channels and on-demand content.


  • Entering incorrect account credentials


To fix the login issues on Perfect Players, try these fixes.

Check Account Details

Users of the IPTV player might not be entering the right account details. Therefore, accessing IPTV content on their streaming devices becomes complicated. Therefore, users of the service should check the details of the account that they enter while signing in. Also, check if your IPTV account is active. If the IPTV account is not active, they can’t access the TV channel playlist.

Check account details

The App is Crashing

Users may discover that the program is crashing while streaming content from several IPTV providers. While streaming, users can experience lag, or the content might halt and buffer on their devices.


  • Unstable or inconsistent internet
  • IPTV server issues
  • Pending software updates
  • Excessive IPTV traffic


If the Perfect Player is crashing down on your device, make sure that you try these fixes.

1. Restart Perfect Player

Issues with Perfect player include buffering and freezing. As a result, the app might crash down. Therefore, users should close the respective app on their devices. Further, they can reopen the app and try accessing IPTV content from the library. However, users should move to the next tip if IPTV is not working.

2. Uninstall Perfect Player

The Perfect Player app requires to be removed if it continues to stop working. The method might be different on different devices. They can reinstall the app on the device from the relevant app store after removing it. Furthermore, users should log into their IPTV provider account with the subscription details. Any troubles brought on by improper app installation will be resolved with this approach.

3. Restart Wi-Fi Router

If your internet is slow and inconsistent, it may be the reason for the Perfect Player app not working. It means that users should restart their Wi-Fi router. This will fix network issues on your device. So, disconnect the streaming device from the power outlet. Turn on the Wi-Fi network and connect the device to it. Open the Perfect Player app and check for streaming issues.

Restart Wi-Fi router if Perfect Player IPTV Not Working

4. Restart the Device

If the Perfect Player app is not working, users should restart the device. The Settings menu of the streaming device includes a feature for restarting the device. Users can also unplug the device from the power source for five to ten minutes. After that, users can turn the device on and access the Perfect Player app. Users can open the Perfect Player app to check streaming issues.

Perfect Player Server Issues

The Perfect Player servers might be busy as a result of an increase in the number of users.


  • Maintenance of IPTV servers
  • IPTV traffic is very hectic


If you doubt that the Perfect Player IPTV Player is not working because of its servers, try these fixing measures.

Check for Server Issues with Perfect Player

The Perfect Player app might not perform when several people attempt to log together at once. The same stands true when developers maintain servers to resolve issues. Users should then wait for the servers to become reliable yet again. Once the issues are addressed, users can access content from the IPTV Provider through the Perfect Player app.

Pending Updates in the Perfect Player App

To integrate additional features to Perfect Player, the developers come up with new updates to the IPTV Player. If the app is not updated, it might interfere with streaming content from the IPTV provider.


  • The app is not updated automatically


If you have pending updates in the Perfect Player app, you can fix them with only this fixing measure.

Update Perfect Player

The developers of the Perfect Player app frequently update it with new features. The streaming may have persistent issues if users of the app have an outdated version installed on their devices. Users should manually update the app if it is not updated automatically. Users should attempt installing a more recent version of the app on the device if they side-loaded the app. Open the app, log in using your IPTV provider credentials, and check to see whether there are any streaming complications.

Server Issues With the IPTV Provider

The IPTV provider might also include some server-related issues. In that case, streaming IPTV content might become extremely difficult.


  • Server Maintenance
  • Increased traffic in the IPTV


If you doubt that the issue with the service is a result of server issues with the providers, try the following troubleshooting fix.

Check for Server Issues with IPTV Provider

When the server is down for maintenance, the IPTV Provider account might not function. The same is true when multiple users attempt to log in simultaneously. Then, users should wait for the servers to return to being dependable after the developers fix these issues. You can only access and play content from your providers after the issue is fixed. You can uncover server difficulties on many media streaming services by using websites that are similar to Downdetector.


Is Perfect Player still available?

Yes, users can get access to the Perfect Player app on multiple devices like Android, Firestick, and Smart TV.

What’s the best IPTV player for FireStick?

Firestick users can try different IPTV players like GSE Smart IPTV, IPTV Blink Player, and Smart IPTV.