SGTV Live TV Kodi Addon: Review and Installation Guide

SGTV Live TV Addon

For Kodi users who miss out on their favorite TV channels, SGTV Live TV Addon is a boon. It is free and includes your favorite TV channels from various countries like the United States and the United Kingdom. With the channels on the service, you can watch your favorite sports events. It includes channels like Sky Sports, BT Sports, ESPN, NBA, and more.


  • SGTV IPTV Addon is not available in the official Kodi repository.
  • It is available in the SG repository, a third-party repository.
  • SGTV is a 100% free IPTV addon for Kodi.
  • It also includes movies and TV shows.

Is SGTV Live TV Addon Legal?

No, it is hard to determine whether the Kodi addons are legal. It includes TV channels and streams sports without any subscription plans. Therefore, it could include some copyright-restricted content. If you are concerned about the safety of your device while streaming online, get a subscription with the best VPN services like NordVPN and ExpressVPN.

How to Install SGTV Live TV Addon on Kodi

The installation of this IPTV addon on Kodi is a two-step process. Therefore, anybody can add this addon to their devices.

Install the SGTV Live TV Addon Repository

The IPTV addon in concern is not available in the official Kodi repository. So, the users should install the SG repository to access the addon.

1. Open Kodi and click on the Settings icon on its home screen.

Open Kodi Settings

2. Select the System option and click on the Addons icon.

Click System icon

3. From the right side of the screen, click Unknown sources.

Select Unknown Sources to access SGTV Live TV Addon

4. A warning message will show up on your screen. Click the Yes option.

5. Back from the Settings screen, select the File Manager icon.

Open File Manger

6. Navigate and click on the Add Source option.

Select the Add Source option

7. Select the text box, and the on-screen keyboard will appear.

8. Enter and click OK.

Provide the SGTV Live TV Addon repository link

9. Also, type in the name of the repository as SG and select OK.

10. Launch the Kodi home screen and click on Add-Ons.

Click the Add-ons option

11. Click the Addon Package Installer icon and select the Install From Zip File option.

Select Install from zip file

12. Choose the SG repository from the list and click its respective zip file.

Install the SGTV Live TV Addon

After installing the repository, users can get the add-on to stream live TV channels

1. Click the Install from repository option.

Click Install from Repository

2. Pick the SG Repository and select the Video add-ons option.

3. Choose the SG folder and click the Install button.

4. Soon, it installs the SGTV Live TV Addon.

5. Open the Kodi home screen and click Add-ons.

6. Click Video add-ons and choose the SGTV Live TV Addon.

7. Watch live TV channels on the Kodi app.

How to Fix SGTV Live TV Addon Not Working

Users of the IPTV addon might come across situations when it is buffering or freezing. All of these streaming errors have appropriate troubleshooting measures.

Remove The Addon

If the addon is not working on your Kodi app, it should be removed. To access it, users can install it back.

1. Go to the home screen and open Settings.

2. Click Addons and choose Install From Repository.

3. Long press the SGTV Live TV Addon and select Information.

4. Click the Uninstall option.

5. You can install the addon using the steps in the above installation procedure.

Update SGTV Live TV Addon

If your addon is not regularly updated, it results in some streaming issues. If you have streaming issues, manually update the addon.

1. In the Kodi Settings menu, click Addons.

2. Select Install From Repository and long press the addon.

3. Select the Information option and click on Auto-Update.

Select Auto update if SGTV Live TV Addon is not working

Clear Cache

It is advised to clear the cache on your Kodi app if you encounter streaming issues like buffering.

1. Open the addon and select the Tools option.

2. Select the Clear Cache option and select Yes.

Clear Cache if SGTV Live TV Addon not working

3. Back from the Tools menu, choose the Clear Providers option.

4. Once again, select Yes.

Factory Reset Your Device

Factory resetting a streaming device is a process that will remove all the apps and settings from it. At the same time, it will remove all the glitches and bugs in it. This, in turn, makes your device as good as new, and it will function without errors.


If you wish to watch live TV channels on Kodi, you can use these addons as alternatives.

Freedom IPTV Addon

Freedom IPTV Addon could be an efficient alternative for SGTV Live TV Addon. This is because it is 100% free and includes TV channels from the United States and the United Kingdom. It does not include any registration process that the users need to go through.

The Crew

The Crew is yet another important IPTV Kodi addon. You can watch your favorite TV channels on this addon as well. It supports the best streaming solutions like HD and 4K. Therefore, you can get the best out of entertainment using the addon. It also has content for everyone, including adults and kids.

Clu IPTV Addon

You can watch over 100 live TV channels on the Clu IPTV Addon. This IPTV addon may include some geographic restrictions. You can remove these restrictions with the help of a VPN. Moreover, it streams faster on your devices without any buffering or lagging.


SGTV Live TV Addon is the best place to watch your favorite TV channels without expensive price tags. If the addon includes any IP locks, you can use of VPN to unblock them. Also, the addon has a separate section for sports content that you will like. For instance, you can watch your favorite boxing events on this service.