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Avov IPTV has supplanted the cable connections to watch live TV, demand movies, TV shows and games at lower prices. Avov Box provides IPTV set-top boxes which can be ordered online, and you must subscribe packages to use it. The IPTV set-top boxes are light in weight but powerful with the support of Android software. It has the capacity of bumping 4K UHD contents or TV channels.

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How to Sign up and Order Avov IPTV Set-top box

  • Search for this IPTV on your web browser or go for the URL (http://avovbox.com/)
  • On the homepage, choose SIGN UP NOW from the top menu.
  • On the Support Service Subscription, fill up your details like name, address, phone number, etc.,
Avov IPTV Subscription
Avov IPTV Subscription
  • Then, select the quantity for Set-top boxes and Subscription Duration.
Avov IPTV Packages
Avov IPTV Packages
  • Finally, check the total order amount and click Order Now.

Here, signing up and placing the Order is done in a single process

Price: Avov TV Online N2 costs $129.99USD, and Subscription starts at $15 based on duration.

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Basic Requirements

  • Internet connection – WiFi or Direct Modem
  • TV / Monitor with HDMI support and minimum 720p resolution
  • Set-top box connect to the electrical outlet

How to setup Avov IPTV set-top box

#1 At first, connect the IPTV Set-top box with your TV using the HDMI cable. And also connect the set-top box with internet modem or WiFi.

#2 Now, turn on your TV, and the Avov logo gets displayed. Then go to Settings Option before heading to LIVE TV or VOD.

#3 Select Server Settings and enter the Server Name and URL given by the IPTV provider. Then click Connect.

Select Server Settings
Select Server Settings

#4 Follow the below instructions to setup WiFi, time and language.

  • Settings > WiFi > select your WiFi network and enter the password
  • Settings > TIMEZONE > scroll to select your time zone
  • Settings > LANGUAGE > select the language from the shown list
Select Channels
Select Channels

#5 Again go to the Home screen and select the LIVE TV option where you can find the channels list based on category. Now, select any channels and start watching live TV.

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Wrapping Up

Avov IPTV sells dominant media streaming boxes which provide boundless entertainment. By Subscribing Avov, you can stream live TV channels with live customer support and email support while facing any issues.

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