Falcon IPTV Not Working: How to Fix

Falcon IPTV not working

Falcon IPTV is an IPTV service provider with more than 4000 TV channels in the library. The service has TV channels from across the globe in different languages. The service has an impressive server uptime. It ensures that the users can stream the service on their devices without buffering or freezing. Still, some users have come across issues with the service at times. However, simple troubleshooting measures can fix these issues. If Falcon IPTV is not working on devices, users should try the following troubleshooting fixes.

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Falcon IPTV Not Working: Causes

The reason for the errors on the IPTV app might not always be the same. The troubleshooting measures are pretty much the same. However, the procedures might differ depending on the device that they access the app. Users need to consider the following reason to be the possible cause for Falcon IPTV not working.

Issues With the Falcon IPTV Server

One of the major causes for issues with an IPTV Provider might be the issues with its servers.


  • Server Maintenance
  • High Traffic in the IPTV

Falcon IPTV Subscription Has Expired

The Falcon TV subscribers might not have noticed that their subscription has expired. In that case, users need to update their subscriptions.


  • Subscription is not automatically updated
  • Users should update the subscription

Pending Software Update on the Device

If the device users have pending updates, they might face issues while streaming the various apps in the service.


  • Automatic updates are not enabled
  • The device requires a manual updation

Pending IPTV App Update

The IPTV server comes up with frequent updates to improve the user experience,


  • Apps aren’t automatically updated on the device

Falcon IPTV Not Working: Fixes

Users now know the possible causes for Falcon IPTV not working. In that context, let’s move on to the possible troubleshooting measures.

Check For Server Issues

If an IPTV service is not working on your device, the most common issue might be the one with the server. The IPTV provider has the best server uptime ensuring an uninterrupted streaming experience.

If there is a server issue, users might be unable to access it on any compatible device. Users need to wait for the service to resolve the problem. Users should report any issues they face with the service to customer support.

Check the servers

Restart Your Device

Users might be accessing the IPTV provider on multiple devices. Restarting this respective device might help with fixing issues with the IPTV service. Restarting the devices will fix the bugs on it. As you know, these bugs might cause errors while streaming the app.

Check the Internet

If the IPTV service is buffering, the main reason is weak internet. If your internet is unstable, it should be hard to stream any app (streaming over the internet). So, make sure that your internet is stable.

Users need to restart the Wi-Fi router if the issue is with it.

  • Remove the Wi-Fi router from the power source for a couple of minutes.
  • Once done, users need to connect the router back to the power outlet and turn it on.
  • After connecting your streaming device to the internet and try accessing Falcon IPTV.
Restart Wi-Fi router

To get the best of the Wi-Fi, users should use an Ethernet cable to establish a connection. Also, they need to reduce the number of active devices on the same Wi-Fi network. It will give them better internet strength on the streaming device. Users should contact their Internet Service Provider if the internet is still weak.

Check Account Details

Users get an M3U URL from the IPTV provider when they subscribe to it. They need to provide their subscription details while signing in to the app. At the same time, if they enter the wrong subscription details, it is hard to sign in.

Update the Device

The streaming devices have regular updates to improve performance and streaming quality. A pending software update in the participating device might cause issues on the device. It includes difficulty with streaming apps on the device. So, users need to keep their devices up-to-date. The process of updating the devices might vary depending on the user’s device with Falcon IPTV.

Update Falcon IPTV

Just like the streaming device, developers update the Falcon IPTV app. To reduce the errors, users should update the app on the device. For this, they need to install the latest version of the app APK file on the device.

Falcon IPTV not working

Uninstall Falcon IPTV and Reinstall it

There might have been some errors that occurred during the installation of Falcon IPTV. To remove these errors, users need to uninstall Falcon IPTV. Once done, they can reinstall the app or access it on any IPTV player app. After installing the app, users should sign in to their subscription and stream the TV channel playlist.

Check Your Subscription

Falcon IPTV is a subscription-based streaming service with plans starting at $20 per month. Users might not have noticed that their subscription has expired. If users can’t stream Falcon IPTV, they need to check their subscription. If the subscription has expired, users should activate it.

Check the Falcon IPTV subscription if it is not working

Contact Customer Support

The subscribers of Falcon IPTV should contact Customer Support when they face errors. The official IPTV website has a Contacts section in the official website. It has details like address, website, and phone number. The service also has 24/7 chat support on the official website. Customer support executives will give you the solutions to fix the issues from the service. Also, it will help them with fixing any issues in their servers.

Contact Customer Support if Falcon IPTV not working

Thus, you can resolve the issues while streaming the Falcon IPTV with the fixes. The better internet connection and the latest app version will never cause any streaming issues. In case none of the above fixes resolved the issue, you can report them in the comments section. We will respond with the right solution for the streaming issue.