iPlayTV IPTV Player – Review, Pricing, and Installation Guide

If you want an IPTV player compatible with various platforms, go for iPlayTV IPTV Player. It can access IPTV content from various providers. It is because the IPTV player has support for various playlist formats. Also, the IPTV player comes with a tonne of features to elevate your streaming experience. It also supports the Open Subtitles feature and lets you access closed captions.

Key Specs

  • Playlist Formats: M3U and Xtream Codes
  • EPG Support: Yes
  • External Players: Yes
  • Supported Devices: Android, Firestick, iOS, Smart TV, Windows, and Mac PC


There is no sign-up or registration process available for the iPlayTV IPTV Player because it is just an IPTV player and not an IPTV service. Also, the application is free for Android users and paid for iOS users, which costs $5.99 (one-time payment).

Is iPlayTV IPTV Player Legal?

Yes. The iPlayTV Player itself does not offer any IPTV content. However, most IPTV providers include some copyrighted content. So, if you think you are using an IPTV service with such content, make sure to set up a secure and best VPN for IPTV on your device. Along with security, VPN is also used to unblock geo-restricted content. We recommend IPTV services like NordVPN and ExpressVPN.

How to Install iPlayTV IPTV Player on Streaming Devices

The IPTV Player is accessible on any device. You can install the app on devices like:

Install iPlayTV IPTV Player on Android Device

With the absence of the IPTV app in the Play Store, users need to install the APK file.

[1] Navigate to the Android device apps section to select the Settings app and tap Security.

[2] Look for the option Unknown Sources and tap the toggle button near it.

Enable Unknown Sources to install iPlayTV IPTV Player

[3] Then, launch a browser on your Android device.

[4] Type iPlayTV Player APK on the search bar and select any APK website from the search results.

[5] Tap the Download button to download the APK file.

[6] Navigate to the Download section on your Android device and tap the APK file.

[7] Click the Install button on the installation page.

[8] After installing the app, open it and enter the login details of your IPTV provider.

[9] Tap LOGIN and wait for the content to load.


[10] Once loaded, you can stream movies and TV shows of your IPTV provider on iPlayTV Player.

Stream on iPlayTV IPTV Player

Get iPlayTV IPTV Player on iOS Device

The official app of the IPTV player can be installed directly from the App Store.

[1] Search for the iPlayTV app from the App Store.

[2] Buy and Get the App from the App Store.

[3] After installation, launch the app on your iOS device.

[4] Tap on Add (+) tile to add a new playlist.

Click the Add icon

[5] Enter the name and credentials for the playlist.

[6] Click on Ok to add the playlist to the list.

[7] Play your desired title and enjoy streaming it on your iOS device.

Watch on iPlayTV IPTV Player

Install and Stream iPlayTV IPTV Player on Firestick

Firestick users should use the Downloader app to install the APK file of the IPTV player.

[1] Click on the Find option from the home screen.

Tap Find

[2] Choose the Search tile and search for the Downloader app.

Search for downloader

[3] Click Get to install the Downloader app from the store.

Tap Get

[4] After installation, get back to the home screen and choose Settings.

Select My Fire TV

[5] Choose My Fire TV and click Developer Options.

[6] Further, click Install Unknown Apps and turn on Downloader.

Enable downloader to install iPlayTV IPTV Player

[7] After enabling unknown source access, Open the Downloader app.

[8] Enter the iPlayTV Player APK URL [https://bit.ly/3omH8MP].

Enter iPlayTV IPTV Player apk link

[9] Click on Go to download and install the iPlayTV IPTV player.

[10] After installation, launch the app and log in with your IPTV provider credentials.

[11] Select any content and watch it on a big screen.

Download iPlayTV IPTV Player on Windows and Mac PC

With the help of BlueStacks, install the APK file of the IPTV player app.

[1] On your PC, download and install BlueStacks from its official website.

[2] Then, download the iPlayTV IPTV Player APK file from your desired APK website.

[3] Launch BlueStacks and sign in to the emulator using your Google credentials.

Enter Google credentials

[4] After signing in, click the Install APK icon located on the side menu bar.

Tap Install APK icon

[5] Now, select the iPlayTV Player APK file and hit the option Open.

[6] The app will install on the BlueStacks emulator.

[7] After installation, open the app and enter the login details of your IPTV provider.

[8] Now, you can watch IPTV content on your Windows or Mac PC.

Get iPlayTV IPTV Player on Smart TV

[1] Turn ON your PC and open the Web browser.

[2] Search for the iPlayTV Player APK file and download it.

[3] Plug your USB Drive into your PC and transfer the APK file to the USB Drive.

[4] After transferring the file, eject the USB drive from your PC.

[5] Insert the USB drive into the HDMI port of your Smart TV.

[6] Open Settings and tap Device Preferences.

[7] Choose Security & Restrictions and click Unknown Sources.

Enable Unknown Sources to install iPlayTV IPTV Player

[8] On your Smart TV, open the USB drive.

[9] Tap the APK file and install the iPlayTV IPTV Player on your Smart TV.

[10] After installing the application, open the app and enter the login credentials of your IPTV provider.

[11] Now, you will see all the content of your provider. Choose any video to play and enjoy watching it on your Smart TV.


If users are looking for an efficient IPTV player for streaming devices, try these IPTV players.


IPTVX is one of the best IPTV players for iOS devices. You can install it directly from app stores. It lets users sync their accounts on multiple streaming devices. So,   users can use iCloud to access the account on various streaming products. It also helps users download IPTV content and stream offline.


Users can access and stream multiple IPTV playlists using UniPlayer. UniPlayer comes with an easy-to-use user interface. This IPTV player can access IPTV and OTT playlists. If you are looking for a simple and convenient app, go for UniPlayer. The service also includes support for customer support.


Flex IPTV can access both local and remote playlists on your streaming devices. The app automatically updates playlists on your device. Users can access multiple playlists on their devices with Flex IPTV. The IPTV player also supports various formats of audio tracks and subtitles.


The iPlayTV Player comes with a Smart Search feature. This feature makes it easier to locate the IPTV content. It comes with the Favorites List, and users can add their favorite movies and TV shows. The IPTV player shows the channel logos, and users can access them easily. The IPTV Player has support for AirPlay as well. If you come across streaming issues, try basic troubleshooting tips to fix them.