How to Set Up IPTV on Zgemma Device

IPTV on Zgemma
IPTV on Zgemma

IPTV apps are an easy way to enjoy live TV channels, movies, and TV shows. With IPTV on the Zgemma device, you can get unlimited entertainment at a reasonable price. IPTV is more affordable and convenient than traditional streaming or cable TV services. Moreover, Zgemma is a set-top box that is specially designed for streaming IPTV content. The process of accessing IPTV might seem time-consuming at first. But, after you set up the IPTV connection, you can stream live TV channels on Zgemma Box with ease.

Zgemma Box Key Specs

  • Operating System – Linux and Android Dual System
  • Chipset – Hi3798MV200
  • Display – 4K – 2160P
  • RAM – 16GB EMMC / 2GB DDR4 Memory
  • Processor – ARM processor with 1500MHz Quad-core CPU

This is the configuration of the H10 Combo device and varies slightly based on the device. To buy the box, visit the Zgemma website.

Is IPTV Legal?

No. Most IPTV services are not legal, although some are legal. Most IPTV providers contain copyright-protected content. As a result, there is a chance that the services will be discontinued. The security of streaming devices may be risked while IPTV service is in use, which is another drawback. But a high-end VPN might help you get over this drawback. We advise customers to sign up for well-known VPN services like NordVPN or Express VPN.

Types of Zgemma Devices

  • Zgemma H11S 4K UHD
  • Zgemma H10 series
  • Zgemma i55 Plus
  • Zgemma i55
  • Zgemma H9 series
  • Zgemma H4 series
  • Zgemma H6 series
  • Zgemma H7 series
  • Zgemma H2 series
  • Zgemma Star series
  • Zgemma S2 series

How to Set Up IPTV on Zgemma

The method to access IPTV on Zgemma devices might be lengthy, but it is a simple procedure to access IPTV content on your devices

[1] Connect the Zgemma device to your TV and power on the device.

[2] On the remote, click on the Menu button to get the main menu.

[3] Choose Plugins and go to the Plugin Browser from the menu.


[4] Click on the Green button on your remote to go to the Download plugin section.

[5] Wait for some time to load all the plugin information that is available for download.

[6] Once loaded, click on Extensions under Downloadable Plugins.


[7] Scroll down the plugin list until you find epgimport (1.0 + git134) and click on it.

epgimport -IPTV on Zgemma

[8] Confirm the download by clicking on Yes in the pop-up.

download plugins -IPTV on Zgemma

[9] Wait until the download process finishes.

[10] After downloading the plugin, get back to the Plugin browser

[11] Here, you can find the installed EPG-Importer plugin.

EPG-importer - IPTV on Zgemma

[12] Make a note of the device’s IP address and restart your Zgemma device. To find your Zgemma device IP address, go to Main Menu >> Information >> Network >> IP.

[13] Now, turn on your PC and install the Putty application.

[14] Once installed, launch Putty and enter the IP address in the IP address tab.

Putty - IPTV on Zgemma

[15] Select the Connection type as Telnet.

[16] Once done, click on Open to open the Putty Terminal.

[17] In the terminal, type the zgemmah2s login as root and click on Enter.

[18] In the root, add the script given by the IPTV provider and again click on Enter.

[19] The script will be added to the Zgemma device based on the IP address provided.

[20] On your Zgemma device, it will take some time to download all Root-Hosting Bouquet, VOD Bouquet, Live TV Bouquet, and several other bouquet files.

[21] Once downloaded, you will be displayed with a message, “Your box will now reboot.

[22] Now, your Zgemma box will be rebooted automatically

[23] In the meantime, the Putty terminal will disappear on your PC, and this means the process is successful.

[24] After the reboot process, you will get all the content provided by the IPTV service.

[25] Now, you can navigate and stream all your favorite IPTV content on the Zgemma device.

[26] You can use both the Xstream codes API and M3U URLs to stream the IPTV content on Zgemma.


Best IPTV Providers for Zgemma Device

If you are looking for IPTV providers to have a subscription, try the services.

IPTV Trends

IPTV Trends is a reliable IPTV service with 19000 TV channels. You can watch movies, news, sports, and other entertainment content on this IPTV provider. It offers subscribers a streaming experience that is not interrupted. IPTV Trends maintains a server uptime of 99.9%. So, users will not come across a buffering or freezing issue on this platform.

Platinum IPTV

Platinum IPTV supports the AntiFreeze technology so that you can watch TV channels without any effort. They have fast and stable servers that stream TV channels in 4K, Full HD, and HD resolutions. Platinum IPTV has support for an electronic program guide with information about the content available on various channels. It helps you schedule your streaming ahead of time.


IPTVGang is one of the best choices to have a subscription with, as it offers both premium and ordinary TV channels. The VOD library comes with over 100,000 titles of movies and TV shows that you can access on demand. They offer 24/7 chat support for customers so that they can fix any doubts they have about the service. They also include options for a refund that users can get within 10 days.

When you have a subscription to an IPTV service, access it on your device. You can choose from any of the best IPTV providers available today. Make sure that your service has an efficient customer support and flexible subscription plans. Also, users need to get a subscription of a shorter duration. This is because the IPTV services are not stable and can be removed without prior notice.