IPTV is an Internet Protocol-based Television. It is an alternative to the traditional satellite or cable TV system. IPTV is the process of delivering Live and non-live TV channels and shows to your device using the internet protocol. Every time while using IPTV, we get a question that is IPTV legal or not? While a cable subscription charges more and provides fewer channels, IPTV charges very less and provides more channels. Let us discuss more on IPTV legality and the things we should consider before subscribing to IPTV in this post.

IPTV Services

In simple terms, streaming content via the Internet is called IPTV. There are many IPTV providers, which are officially announced by particular TV channels. For example, BBC owns an IPTV player called iPlayer, which works on a subscription basis. Similarly, there are plenty of official IPTV players that sell their service on a subscription basis.

Is IPTV Legal?
BBC iPlayer

These IPTV services are considered legal ones. You can check their terms of usage and conditions page before purchasing an IPTV.

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Is IPTV Legal?

There are many IPTV providers that provide IPTV services for a cheaper price. Sometimes, these providers give 1000+ channels for free as well. As a customer, we have to be aware of these free services. We should understand that nothing is free here. Illegal IPTV providers don’t get proper permission and start streaming content illegally.

“There was a famous IPTV provider named “SETTV”. They were providing premium content for a very lesser price and had more than “180,000” subscribers. The Dish network filed a complaint against SETTV, and they were asked to pay more than “$90 million” as a fine along with surrendering their domains and equipment.”

Is IPTV Legal?
Is IPTV Legal?

Similarly, there are IPTV providers streaming content for less than 10 dollars a month but providing more than 2000+ channels. These channels will be sued one day as well.

Therefore, the legality of IPTV depends on the official announcement only. Before considering any IPTV, check their background twice or thrice and then purchase a subscription. The legality of IPTV also depends on the country you are watching it. Some country has banned IPTV for many reasons.

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Things to remember before purchasing an IPTV Service

Things to remember
IPTV Service
  1. Read the terms of usage and conditions page. (They might mention that we are not responsible for copyrighted contents, and the users can watch it at their own risk). – Only illegal IPTVs will add these points.
  2. Check whether the IPTV has any official connection with the legal TV network. If so, you can buy the subscription.
  3. If they are providing more channels at a very lesser price, then remember that one day, they will also shut down their IPTV like SETTV. (TV Channel subscriptions are costlier, and no one will give you a lesser price).
  4. Read the user reviews online.
  5. Compare with other IPTV services.

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Wrapping Up

Always remember to consider the above points before purchasing any IPTV service. If you are not sure whether the IPTV service you bought is legal or not, then try using a VPN. By running the IPTV using a VPN, you can stay away from hackers and ISP providers.