Royal IPTV: Review, Pricing, and Installation Guide

Royal IPTV

Royal IPTV is a 4K IPTV player app with extraordinary features. The IPTV Player app can access and stream multiple IPTV players. Users should have a subscription to any of the best IPTV providers. The app has separate sections for live TV channels, movies, and TV shows. Therefore, users can easily find and stream IPTV content. The best part of the IPTV service is the powerful performance it offers.

Key Specs

  • Playlist Formats: Multiple playlists
  • EPG Support: Yes
  • External Players: No
  • Supported Devices: Android, Firestick, Smart TV, Windows, and Mac PC


The pricing you pay is not for the contents but for activating the app you are using. You should ensure to have the app on your device or TV. You can upload your own playlists with a MAC ID or delete the same whenever or wherever you want.

  • To activate one device, you need to pay 7,99 € a one-time payment for one device.
  • Another important thing is that you can find two different Playlists on the website, which you may purchase.
    • Turkish Playlist – €9.99 for 100 channels
    • Albania Playlist – €9.99 for 40 channels

Is Royal IPTV Legal?

Yes. Royal IPTV is a completely legal IPTV service that doesn’t directly involve any copyright restrictions. However, accessing IPTV content online might attract online threats. So, users might be exposing their devices to hackers online. We recommend users have a subscription with one of the leading VPN services like NordVPN or ExpressVPN.

How to Install Royal IPTV on Streaming Devices

The IPTV Player is available on various compatible devices listed below:

Install Royal IPTV on Android Devices

The Royal IPTV app is available as an APK file, and users can install it on their devices.

1. Power on your Android device and select the Settings app to open.

2. Choose Security in Settings and enable Unknown Sources to install apps from other sources.

Select Unknown Sources to stream Royal IPTV

3. Search for the Royal IPTV using the web browser.

4. Download the Royal IPTV APK file from reliable sources.

5. Click the Install button on the app installation screen.

6. Launch the app to activate and add playlists to the stream.

Install Royal IPTV on LG Smart TV

Users of LG Smart TV can install the IPTV player on their device from the Content Store.

1. Turn on the LG Smart TV and press the home button on your remote.

2. Now, navigate to the More Apps section in the LG Smart TV.

3. Then, click on the LG Content Store.

Open LG Content Store to install Royal IPTV

4. Search for the app and select the Royal IPTV app from the search results.

5. Click the Install button to install IPTV on LG Smart TV.

6. Open the app to activate and watch the added playlists.

Stream Royal IPTV on Samsung Smart TV

Users can access the IPTV Player on Samsung TV as well.

1. Power on your Samsung Smart TV.

2. Press the home button on your supplied TV remote.

Open the Samsung Tv home screen

3. Then, navigate to the Apps section.

4. Click on the Search icon and search for the Royal IPTV app.

5. Select the app from the search results.

6. Click the Install button to get the IPTV app on the Samsung Smart TV.

Install Royal IPTV on Amazon Firestick

You can sideload Royal IPTV on Firestick by using the Downloader application.

1. Turn on the Firestick device and check the internet connection.

2. Choose the Find tab and select the Search option.

Select the Search tab

3. Search for the Downloader app in the Amazon App Store.

Choose the Downloader to stream Royal IPTV

4. Install the Downloader app on your Amazon Firestick or Fire TV device.

Download the Downloader app

5. Go to Settings on the Fire TV home screen.

Select the Settings to Stream Royal IPTV

6. Select the My Fire TV in Settings and choose the Developer options.

Choose My Fire TV in the Settings

7. Click the Install Unknowns apps and select the Downloader app.

8. Choose the Turn On option to install the apps from other sources.

Turn on Downloader

9. Go to the Downloader app on the Firestick and select Accept in the prompt.

10. Move to the URL field and enter the Royal IPTV APK file URL.

Enter the Royal IPTV apk URL

11. Click on the Go button and wait for the app to download.

12. Now, select the Install option on the next screen to install the IPTV app.

13. Once the app is installed, click Open to launch the app.

14. Choose the content to stream on the Firestick device.

Install Royal IPTV on Windows and Mac PC

Use the BlueStacks Android Emulator to install and access the IPTV player on your computer.

1. Start the Windows or Mac PC and launch the web browser.

2. Search for Royal IPTV APK and download the IPTV APK file from a reliable source.

3. Visit the BlueStacks official website on the PC and select Download BlueStacks to download the installer file.

Visit the BlueStacks website

4. Double-click on the Installer file and select Install to install the BlueStacks.

5. Launch the BlueStacks and log in to your Google account.

Sign in to your Google Account

6. Select Install APK on the right side menu, and then choose the APK file to open.

Select the Install APK file button

7. Install the IPTV app and launch the app on Windows or Mac PC.

8. Activate the app and log in to your IPTV Providers account.

9. Choose the content to stream on the Smart TV.

How to Activate Royal IPTV

After you have installed the application, you need to activate the app on the official website.

1. Open the Royal IPTV app on your desired device.

2. You can find the on-screen activation instructions.

3. From your smartphone or PC, go to the Royal Official Website [].

Visit the Royal IPTV activation website

4. Enter your Email ID and the MAC address or your Smart TV address in the provided field. There you can also enter your concerned device’s MAC Address.

5. Then, click on Activate App.

6. Proceed and complete the payments.

7. Restart the app.

Add Playlists to the Royal IPTV App

1. On your smartphone or computer web browser, go to the IPTV website [].

2. Enter the MAC or LG TV address on the provided field.

3. Now, enter the Playlist URL you want to update.

4. Click on the Add Playlist button.

Add Playlists to the app

You can also activate the Playlist in an alternative way. Go to the Royal Website [ Choose from the available playlist option (As of now, Turkish and Albania). Enter your Email ID and then click on Get Playlist. Proceed and complete the payment. The playlists will be added to the application.

Add Playlists to the app


The IPTV player needs a one-time activation to access IPTV content. If you are looking for free IPTV players, try any of these IPTV players.

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Ministra IPTV Player is a smart and practical IPTV player app. It can access content from IPTV, VOD, and OTT providers. Ministra IPTV Player does not offer any TV channels or movies of its own. Users can access IPTV content from any IPTV provider that offers an M3U URL. You can also access an electronic program guide from the provider.

rIPTV Player

rIPTV player is a simple-to-use IPTV player that works on multiple streaming devices. The IPTV player can access numerous IPTV playlists simultaneously. The IPTV player app has support on Play Store and App Store. It is a free IPTV player and includes a premium add-on of $4.99. Therefore, users can enjoy more features of the service.


IPTV Pro is a simple IPTV player that can access IPTV playlist Formats like M3U and XSPF playlists. It can access TV guides in XMLTV and JTV formats. Users can access all IPTV content as it supports external players. The IPTV player is supported on Android, Firestick, Smart TV, Windows, and more devices.

Royal IPTV Review

Royal IPTV is a simple IPTV player with a minimal design. This IPTV player helps users lock IPTV categories with a password. Therefore, users can prevent kids from accessing inappropriate content as part of parental controls. Users can also customize the IPTV playlists according to the user’s interests. Royal IPTV player provides users with the perfect customer support. If users have any streaming issues.