Smash IPTV: How to Stream 1000+ Live TV Channels

Smash IPTV

Smash IPTV is an online streaming platform that allows you to stream all the ALL Smash networks television and radio channels for free. You can stream all channels in HD and Full HD quality. Smash is a multi-platform TV and radio broadcasting service based out of Sunny island of Malta. It features various contents from News, cooking shows, movies, current affairs, radio 104.6 FM. These are the various stuff that you can stream with Smash TV. Let us look into everything we may need to know about Smash IPTV in this article.


The following are few features that will attract you to use the Smash IPTV.

  • It features 1000s of channels and 5000+ movies and TV shows from different regions around the globe.
  • The customer support is just awesome that will help you with any issues around the clock.
  • With little downtime, it offers content of the best quality.
  • The contents offered are neatly categorized under various categories.
  • You can also stream Malta’s premium radio station available as FM and DAB+ that stream DJ shows and programmers over IPTV.
Smash IPTV

Contents offered

The topmost streaming channels include:

1. 7News
2. TVShop
3. Food
4. Politika
6. Music
7. Country
8. House of Rock
9. Jazz
10. Retro
11. Entertainment
12. Sports
13. Arabija
14. Erga Lura
15. River Christan Channel

Radio Channels Rock, Retro, Indie.
This IPTV service offers the following entertainment channels to stream.

1. UK/USA Entertainment Channels
2. UK/USA Movie Channels
3. UK/USA Sports Channels
4. UK/USA Documentary Channels
5. UK News Channels
6. UK Movies Channels
7. UK Kids Channels
8. PPV Events
9. Live Sports channels from around the globe that includes 39pm kicks off
10. 100s of on-demand movies and TV shows

The contents are listed under the following categories:

  • Political
  • Current Affair Discussions
  • Cooking Shows
  • Local Music Updates
  • Drama
  • Soap Opera
  • Teleshopping
  • New Updates

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How to Watch Smash IPTV on Android Devices

The app isn’t officially available on the Play Store. But still, you install the Smash IPTV app with the APK file on Android phones, tablets, and Android TV. For that, you may want to enable Apps from Unknown Sources.

#1 Go to Settings on the Android smartphone or tablet.

#2 Then choose the Security option.

#3 Turn on the toggle near Unknown Sources.

#4 And tap Ok on the pop-up warning.

#5 Launch any web browser and search for the Smash IPTV APK.

#6 Open any trusted website like Apkpure and click on the Download APK button.

Smash IPTV on Android Devices

#7 Wait for the Smash app to download and then follow the on-screen instructions to install the app on your respective Android device.

How to Stream Smash IPTV via VLC Player

#1 Install and launch the VLC Media Player app on your Android device or Windows computer, or Mac PC.

#2 On your Android Phone, tap More > select+ New Stream under Streams.

  • On your Windows PC, go to Media > Open Network.
  • On your Mac, go to File > Open Network.
VLC Media Player

#3 In the provided text box, type the following URL:

#4 Click Open or press the Enter option.

#5 The Smash IPTV will be added to your Player, and you can start streaming it.

How to Install Smash IPTV on Amazon Firestick

You can also install the Smash IPTV on Amazon Firestick with the Android APK by sideloading the apk file using the Downloader app.

#1 From the Firestick home screen, go to Settings.

#2 Go to My Fire TV or Device > Developer Options.

#3 Click on Apps from Unknown Sources to enable it.

#4 Then, choose Turn on from the pop-up warning screen.

#5 Install the Downloader app on your Amazon Firestick.

#6 Launch the Downloader app and click on the URL field.


#7 Type the following URL: and click Go.

#8 Wait for the Smash apk to download and then choose Install.

#9 Once the app is installed, you can stream your favourite content on Smash TV IPTV.

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Wrapping Up

That’s it all about the Smash IPTV. The service hasn’t arrived for the iOS devices like iPhone or iPad, yet but the site stated that it would appear soon. So make sure to go for this brilliant choice in order to have a complete entertainment package. The pricing and other services will be available on the website. If you have any suggestions regarding this IPTV, write to us in the comment section below.