SO Player IPTV: Review, Features, and Installation Guide

SO Player is one of the most popular IPTV streaming players preferred by several IPTV providers. SO Player is available as a standalone app on Android, iOS, Windows, Firestick, and several other Android-based devices. The only disadvantage of SO player is that it cannot be streamed using M3U URL. In this article, let’s see in detail how to access SO Player IPTV on your respective devices.


  • Accessible with either username and password or Pin code.
  • The Dark mode and light mode enhances your streaming experience.
  • Ease to understand and use user-interface for all kinds of users.
  • Available officially on several app stores and devices.
  • Simple integration with external players like MX player, VLC player, etc.

How to install SO player on Smartphone – Android & iOS

[1] Download and install SO Player from the App Store / Play Store.

[2] Launch the app after installation.

[3] Based on the login credentials provided by your IPTV provider, choose either Pin code or username and password.

SO Player IPTV

[4] Enter the login info in the required field.

[5] Now, you can start streaming all the content on SOPlay provided by your IPTV provider.

SO Player IPTV

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How to install SO Player on Windows and Mac PC

[1] Launch any browser on your Windows or Mac PC.

[2] Download and install SO Player on your PC.

  • SOPlayer.exe –
  • SOPlayer.dmg –

[3] After installation, launch SO player by double-clicking the app icon.

[4] Enter the Provider ID, username, and password provided by your IPTV provider.


[5] Click on Login and start streaming all the content on SO player IPTV.

SO Player IPTV

How to install SO Player IPTV on Firestick

[1] On your Fire TV home screen, click on the Search icon.


[2] Search and install Downloader from the Amazon App Store.

[3] Before launching the app, get back to the home screen.

[4] Click on Settings and choose My Fire TV or Device Settings.


[5] Choose Developer options from the menu.

developer options

[6] Select Apps from unknown sources and Click Turn On to enable it.

Turn On

[7] Now, launch the Downloader app from the Your Apps section.

[8] Go to Settings and check the Enable Javascript box.

Enable javascript

[9] Enter the SO Player URL: in the URL field.

[10] Click Go to download and install the SO Player IPTV apk.


[11] Click on Open to launch the app.

[12] Log in with either pin or username and password.

SO Player IPTV

[13] Now, you can start streaming the content provided by your IPTV service.

SO Player IPTV

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SO Player is completely free to download and install on the available device, and above mentioned are the steps for how it needs to be done on smartphones, PC, and several other Android-based devices. If you have any suggestions, make use of the comments section below.

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