How to Access SS IPTV on Android, Smart TV, Firestick, PC


SS IPTV (Simple Smart IPTV) is one of the most popular IPTV Player apps that is integrated with more than hundreds of IPTV operators. It is a free multi-purpose app compatible with various platforms, including Android, Firestick, Windows or Mac PC, and all smart TV devices. With this IPTV Player, you can play videos from your own playlist and also access media content from all its associated operators. To play your own Playlist, you have to get the activation code in the app settings and then enter it in the Connection code field on its official web page.

Features of Simple Smart IPTV

  • It is a cost-free IPTV player, and you can access all its contents entirely for free.
  • You can easily add and change the playlist position.
  • SS IPTV supports universal playlist formats such as M3U, XSPF, ASX, and PLS.
  • Simple Smart IPTV is built-in with Parental controls to avoid restricted content.
  • You can set a time period for automatic channel switching.
Simple Smart IPTV-SS IPTV

SS IPTV Supported Devices

Stream Simple Smart IPTV on Android

(1) Select the Settings icon on the Android device and go to the Security section.

(2) Choose Unknown Sources to enable the installation of unknown apps.

Select Unknown Sources

(3) Go to the Web browser and search for SS IPTV Apk in the browser.

(4) Select Download to get the Apk file from a trusted source.

(5) Choose Install to install the Simple Smart IPTV on the Android device.

(6) Launch the SS IPTV app and log in to your account.

(7) Activate the app on the Official website along with Playlists.

(8) Choose the content to watch on an Android device.

Install Simple Smart IPTV Apk on Firestick

(1) Launch the Firestick device and choose the Search option in the Find tab.

Select Search option

(2) Search for the Downloader app and choose the app from the suggestions.

Choose Downloader app

(3) Select Download to download and install the Downloader app on Firestick.

Download the Downloader app

(4) Now, press the home button on the Firestick remote to go to the Fire TV Home screen.

Go to Firestick home screen

(5) Select the Settings icon and click the My Fire TV option.

Choose My Fire TV

(6) Choose the Developer options and select Install Unknown Apps.

(7) Click the Downloader app and enable the toggle to turn on the installation setting.

Turn on Downloader

(8) Now, move back to the Fire TV home screen and choose the Downloader app to launch.

(9) Select the Home tab and enter the SS IPTV Apk File URL.

Enter SS IPTV Apk File URL

(10) Click Go to download the SS IPTV Apk file and select Install to install the app.

(11) Launch the SS IPTV app and log in to your IPTV account.

(12) Browse the content to stream on the Firestick device.

Download SS IPTV on Windows or MAC PC

(1) Start the Windows or Mac PC and choose the Web browser to launch.

(2) Search for SS IPTV in the browser and download the IPTV Apk file from a reliable source.

(3) Now, visit the BlueStacks Official Website on the PC and download the emulator installer file.

(4) Click Install to install the Android Emulator and choose Open to launch the BlueStacks.

(5) Enter the Username and Password of your Google account to log in to the BlueStacks.

(6) Select the Install Apk option in the right side menu and choose the IPTV Apk file to open.

(7) Click Install to install the Simple Smart IPTV app and open the app on the PC.

(8) Sign in to your IPTV Providers account and stream your favorite content.

Get SS IPTV on Smart TV

Simple Smart IPTV is compatible with popular smart TV, including Samsung Smart TV, but it is not available officially on the Samsung App Store. The only way to use it is to download the SS IPTV apk and side-load it through a USB drive.

(1) Get the SS IPTV Apk file on your PC using any Web browser.

(2) Copy the Apk file to the USB Drive and connect the USB Drive to the Smart TV.

Connect USB Drive to Smart TV

(3) Turn on Smart TV and go to the Settings menu on the TV.

Select Settings to get SS IPTV

(4) Select the Device Preferences and choose Security & restrictions.

(5) Click the Unknown Sources to turn on and select Files Manager on the Smart TV.

Select Unknown Sources to enable installation of SS IPTV

(6) Choose the IPTV Apk file to install on the Smart TV.

(7) Select Open to launch the app and log in to your account to upload the playlist.

(8) Choose the TV Channel for streaming on the Smart TV.

Install SS IPTV on LG Smart TV

SS IPTV can be installed from the official LG Store. It is a well-supported app for LG smart TV (webOS) so that you can watch all its contents from your living room.

(1) Power on the LG Smart TV and go to the home screen.

(2) Select the LG Content Store to launch and search for SS IPTV.

Choose LG Content Store to install SS IPTV

(3) Click Install to download the SS IPTV from the LG Content Store.

(4) Select Launch to open the Simple Smart IPTV on the LG Smart TV.

(5) Sign in to your IPTV Providers account and activate the app on the official site.

(6) Choose the TV channel for live streaming on the LG Smart TV.

How to Upload Playlist to Simple Smart IPTV

There are two methods to upload the Playlist on Simple Smart IPTV

  • Through Link – External Playlist.
  • Through non-permanent access code – internal playlist

Upload Playlist by Link

#!: Open the SS IPTV and go to Settings.

#2: Select the Content section.

Select Content section

#3: Select External Playlist subscription.

#4: Then select Add button, enter your playlist title and link in the appropriate field.

#5: After that, select the Save option. Now your playlist will be stored in a separate folder on the app home screen.

Simple Smart IPTV-SS IPTV

Upload Playlist through Non-Permanent Access Code

#1: Go to SS IPTV settings and choose the General option.

#2: Next, select the Get code option.

 Get code

#3: Open the web browser and go to the SS IPTV website.

#4: Then, enter the code in the appropriate field and then click Add Device option.

Enter the code in SS IPTV Website
SS IPTV Download

#5: Once the connection is made, click save to upload your Playlist.

#6: Finally, open the Simple Smart IPTV. The internal Playlist will be available under the My Playlist title.

Alternatives for SS IPTV

There are many alternative IPTV Player available for SS IPTV, and they are


SS IPTV is an absolutely free IPTV app that can connect with several content operators, streaming channels, social media content, and cloud streaming. In addition to this, you may add your playlist and access them over the internet. You can access all these beneficial features only by installing Simple Smart IPTV on your device. If you have any clarifications regarding the article, please comment below.