Kemo IPTV Not Working: Reasons and Fixes

Kemo IPTV Not Working

Kemo IPTV is a premium service provider that offers 18,000+ live TV channels and plenty of on-demand content. The IPTV provider comes with a built-in EPG, Anti-Buffering feature, and a lot more. But it becomes an issue when this IPTV malfunctions or does not work. And it affects the streaming experience of your favorite content. In that case, you can try some of the listed troubleshooting methods to resolve these problems and know about the cause of it.

How to Fix Kemo IPTV Not Working

If an app is not working, you can fix it easily. But, it is not so in the case of IPTV. The users will find it hard to fix the issue. Apart from not working, you may also face login issues, a black or frozen screen, or audio issues. The possible issues of Kemo IPTV have been discussed along with solutions.

Kemo IPTV Website Issues

IPTV websites may run into server problems which in turn impacts the high-speed streaming. Server problems are quite common among IPTV servers.


  • Issues with the IPTV server
  • Heavy traffic on the Kemo IPTV website


If you face server or website issues, you can try these fixes to rectify them.

Check for the Server Issues

Check Server status if Kemo IPTV not working

When the server is down for maintenance, the Kemo IPTV Provider might not function properly. Then, users should wait for the servers to be back online after the developers fix these issues. You can access and play content from your providers only after the issue is fixed. It is possible to verify if the server is down or not through Downdetector. The server issue may happen when multiple users attempt to log in simultaneously.

Kemo IPTV Not Loading

If no content is loading or when you experience buffering while streaming, it is mainly due to the poor internet connection.


  • Poor internet connection


If you find the Kemo IPTV taking a long time to load contents, there might be an issue with the internet connection.

Check the Internet Connection

Check your Internet speed

Make sure that you are receiving enough internet bandwidth. For loading movies and TV shows properly, your device must possess at least 5 Mbps internet bandwidth. You can check your internet status by entering your device settings. On the Network Status page, you can see the complete details of your internet connection.

Connect to Different Internet Connections

If you doubt that your internet connection might have some bugs, try to connect your device to a different internet connection. If you have connected to a wireless connection before, try connecting to a wired connection. In fact, the wired ethernet connection can be more effective than the wireless connection.

Reset your Wifi

Reset your WiFi to fix the Kemo IPTV not Working

If you reset your Wi-Fi connection, all the minor issues in streaming will clear immediately. Moreover, your internet connection will improve and might increase its speed. You can also do this within your device settings. On the other hand, if you are using a router or hotspot, unplug it and wait for some time.

Plug it back into the relevant port and connect it to your device. Now, check whether the Kemo IPTV is working well enough or not.

Kemo IPTV Audio and Video Not Loading

If you cannot hear the audio or when the video is not loading on your IPTV, there might be some issues with your IPTV Player app.


  • App Issues
  • Muted Audio
  • Internet Issues


You can fix those solutions using these troubleshooting methods.

Check for the Muted Audio

By mistake, you would have muted the audio or decreased the volume to the lowest level. Increase the volume using your remote or with the physical buttons and check whether you can hear the audio or not.

Check the Internet Connection

The internet connection can also make the video not load properly. Every device must receive 5 Mbps and above internet bandwidth to stream all the videos at an average level. If not, try to boost your internet connection and check whether the issue is repeating or not.

Look for the System requirements

If you still get the issue, check the system requirements of the IPTV Player app. The device that you installed this IPTV must meet at least a minimum system requirement to load the content seamlessly. If the issue persists, contact the Kemo IPTV support team through the website.

Disable Firewall or Antivirus Software

If you’re using a firewall or any antivirus software on your device, turn it off immediately to avoid the not-loading issue of Kemo IPTV. Since it is a third-party app, you should accept some necessary permission to let it perform smoothly. However, make ensure to turn on the firewall or the antivirus once you close the IPTV app.

Make use of a VPN Connection

As IPTV is widespread and streams a lot of media content across the world, there is a high chance of getting interrupted by the geo-restriction issue. The region-locked content won’t allow you to access it from your native country. In such cases, you must use a VPN for IPTV with the player app to bypass that restriction.

Kemo IPTV Black / White Screen Issues

The black screen is often called the screen of death. You will see a black or white screen when there are issues with the IPTV Player app. This black screen could be annoying while streaming movies or series.


  • Insufficient Space
  • Corrupted Caches


The easiest way to clear this issue is by clearing the app cache and removing unwanted files from your device.

Clear the IPTV Player Storage and cache

You must clear all the unwanted cache files once in two months. Otherwise, the bugs and malware available in those files may affect your device. Enter your device settings, search for the IPTV Player app, and clear its cache memory.

Free up Device Space

If your device does not have enough space for the IPTV Player to fit in, the app might not respond and show this black or white blank screen. Moreover, delete all the unwanted applications and files you haven’t accessed for a long time. Also, remove the applications that are causing troubles on your device.

Update IPTV Player

If the IPTV Player app is not updated regularly, users might face some streaming difficulties. So, we recommend users update all the applications on their devices from time to time. Most streaming devices have an auto-update feature that users can enable. Moreover, users can update the app manually from its settings.

Kemo IPTV Login Issues

Log-in issues are inevitable in IPTV streaming. Sometimes, people enter the wrong credentials leading to this issue.


  • Invalid login credentials
  • The account is disabled or removed
  • Issues with your internet connection


If you are facing this issue, you can use these troubleshooting steps to solve it.

Re-login into your Account

If you cannot log in to your account, exit the app immediately. Wait for some time and try to log in to your IPTV Provider account again. Users are susceptible to making errors when providing account information. When entering these credentials, you must be cautious. To avoid these problems, we advise users to copy and paste these details. Also, you have to check the number of devices connected to this account. There is a specific simultaneous streaming for each IPTV.

Check if the Account is still Active

Make sure that your Kemo IPTV account is still in activation because there is a chance that you might have removed or disabled your account by mistake. If so, register once again and try to stream the content again.

Reboot your Internet Connection

As already said, you can reboot your internet connection by resetting your modem or router. By this, there is a chance that the issue might get resolved.

Kemo IPTV is Not Opening

This issue can happen if there are any cache files or issues with your IPTV Player app.


  • Compatibility issues
  • Corrupted Cache files
  • Issues within the app itself


If your Kemo IPTV is not opening, you can use these steps to clear the issue.

Check for the IPTV Player App Version

There is a chance that you might have downloaded the wrong version of the app. If so, that wrong version might not be compatible with your device’s operating system. In this case, uninstall the app and install the current version.

Clear IPTV Player App Cache

The cache memories created through this app might contain bugs and malware. So, it is better to clear the cache memory frequently. If you don’t want to get this issue, alter your cookies and cache preferences on your device. If you change them, the cookies and cache files that you don’t prefer will not be stored on your device.

Reinstall IPTV Player App

If you cannot even access any option or the app fails to respond to the commands, reinstalling is the better way to clear the issue. There is no need to delete your account. Just uninstall the app and install the IPTV Player application which is in the current version. Now, check whether the app is opening and ready to stream. If so, sign in with the same credentials and continue watching where you left off.

Kemo IPTV Features Not Working

Issues on your device or the internet connection might create this issue.


  • Outdated Device Software
  • Bugs or Malware
  • Poor internet connection


You can try these troubleshooting steps if the Kemo IPTV options and features are not working as intended.

Update your Device

When the features are not working well on your device, outdated software might also be one of the reasons. All streaming devices release updates regularly. Once the updates are released, you must download and install them on your device. If you fail to update your device at the right time, IPTVs and the installed applications will not work well. Also, you need to update the IPTV Player app.

Certain features like premium packages, streaming quality, and so on will vary based on the version of your device’s operating system. So, you must update it.

Install an Antivirus

Get an Antivirus software to your device

If you doubt that your IPTV might be affected by some bugs, install an antivirus on your device. A device like Samsung will have an in-built antivirus. If not, you can install it from the app stores available on your device.

On installing the antivirus, you can easily prevent malware from causing damage to your device and the installed applications.

Restart Wifi

If the notifications are not working on Kemo IPTV, your device might be undergoing a buggy internet connection. As a result, you have to get into the app each and every time to know about the updates. If so, you have to reset your internet connection using the above-explained steps.

So, these are fixes for the issues that you face on the Kemo IPTV. Some people might resolve the issue by following a few steps. Some might take a long time to resolve it. The only main thing is, finding the source of the issue. Once you find it, you can solve all the problems easily. If you still cannot clear any issues, ping us in the comment section.

Contact Support Team

You can directly contact its customer care support for the ultimate solution to any of your issues with Kemo IPTV. They will guide you on how to solve the problem with an authorized approach. As of now, this IPTV provides a dedicated contact-us page that helps to connect with its customer representative. Along with that, you can also utilize its well-crafted FAQ portal to learn some tips and solutions for generic doubts.

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