AZBox IPTV – Features, Setup & Installation


Choosing the right IPTV will let you watch dozens of TV channels online. AZBox IPTV is one of its kind to stream videos contents with uninterrupted internet. It is an alternative to escape form cable or satellite TV subscription. AZBox Premium is twin tuner receiver with two DVD-S2 tuners where one is to watch, and other is to record. You can record TV programs or movies up to 2hours without any quality loss in the external or internal hard disk. The AZBox IPTV users can stream television or radio contents in high quality. Get instant access to all your favourite channels by creating a personalized channels list. The fully functional media player of this IPTV will play music, videos, and movies of any format.

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How to Set up AZBox IPTV

AZBox IPTV is a set-top box to stream TV channels and radio using the internet connection. Follow the instructions given below to stream AZBox IPTV.

  • Buy an AZBox Premium HD plus receiver from any trusted e-shopping website like Amazon, DHgate, ebay, etc.
AZBox Premium
  • Connect the Set-top box with your TV or monitor using the HDMI cable. Also, connect the audio and video cable between two devices.
Connect AZBox
Connect AZBox
  • The internet connection can be wired or wireless, depending on your facility. Turn on your set-top box and connect to the internet.
  • Now, switch on your TV or monitor and start using the AZBox IPTV to watch live TV and radio tuning.

Note: With GO GO list features, there is no necessary to change the channel frequencies. Press the GOGO list, so it downloads and gets stored to watch TV channels.

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AZBox IPTV is an excellent service to stream videos or TV online over the internet in high quality at an affordable cost. By using AZBox, you can easily watch dozens of TV channels online easily on your TV. After using the AZBox, you will forget using satellite TVs and Cable TVs.

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