Guru IPTV: Features, Pricing and Channel List


Digital streaming became more popular among people across the world. Guru IPTV is the finest IPTV provider at a reasonable price that lets you stream over hundreds of Indian live channels in the USA and Canada. It is a better replacement for cable and satellite TV providers. Whether you are residing in Canada and the USA or its territories, Guru IPTV is the perfect solution to watch Indian channels and on-demand shows over the internet. It was one among the top-selling IPTV service of USA and Canada.

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Features of Guru IPTV

  • Guru IPTV offers a countless number of Channels at HD quality.
  • It provides both live and on-demand streaming and let you download your favourite shows or programs to stream it offline.
  • It has a user-friendly interface with customization tools.
  • Guru IPTV has a massive library with multiple Indian language channels like Punjab, Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam, Gujarat and many more.
  • It is built-in with PVR (Personal Video Recorder) to live record your favourite titles on real-time and watch them later.
  • You can get Live Rewind channels for up to 7 days.

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Guru IPTV Subscription

This IPTV provider offers multiple channel packages which include Regional packs, Curated packs, Mini packs and Broadcaster packs. There is no monthly subscription on this IPTV service.

  • 1 Year Subscription – $230
  • 2 Years Subscription – $250
  • 3 Years Subscriptions – $270
  • 5 Years Subscription – $300

Guru IPTV Channel List

It is made available with all Indian language channels and on-demand videos.

  • Hindi Channels – 130+
  • Gujarati Channels – 50+
  • Punjabi Channels – 85+
  • Malayalam Channels – 29+
  • Bangla Channels – 50+
  • Kannada Channels – 20+
  • Urdu Channels – 40+
  • Tamil Channels – 50 +
  • Telugu Channels – 23+
  • Marathi Channels – 15+

Apart from the Indian Channels, it offers other country channels such as 60+ Pakistani Channels, 20+ Nepali Channel, 10+ SriLankan Channels and various English Channels. Furthermore, it is incorporated with 1500 live streaming channels form Europe, USA, UAE, Australia, Canada and New Zealand.


Reason to Get Guru IPTV

  • Guru IPTV offers over 600+ SD and HD channels of various Indian languages.
  • It provides unlimited on-demand contents to stream.
  • It doesn’t charge any hidden fees other than your subscription.
  • Long term subscription plans are more convenient for all class of people.
  • Regularly updated with latest movies, recently aired TV shows and series.

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To Conclude

Guru IPTV is a fast and reliable home streaming service accessible at substantial cost. Guru IPTV set top box will let you access HD channels even at low internet bandwidth. It effectively works around all region across the world along with 24/7 customer service. It provides customer service in English, Hindi, Gujarati, Urdu, Punjabi and Bangla, according to your convenience.