Tashan IPTV: Review, Features, Setup Procedure

Tashan IPTV
Tashan IPTV

Tashan IPTV is an Indian based IPTV service available in the USA, UK, Europe, and several other countries. It gives access to Indian channels, movies, and TV Shows of various categories and languages that include Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Gujarati, Bengali, Urdu, Pakistani, English, Malayalam, Kannada, Nepali, and Sri Lankan. If you are an Indian movie fan, then Tashan IPTV is your best choice. So let’s see how to access Tashan IPTV.

Features of Tashan IPTV

  • Over 500+ Live channels from all over India and nearby countries.
  • Collection of over 100000+ Movies in various languages and Genres.
  • Personal Video Recorder (PVR) to record any TV programs and watch them later.
  • Pause/Rewind any time on Live TV for up to 7 days.
  • Streaming over 140+ channels in HD quality.
  • It enables you to surf, chat and offers many more online.
  • 24/7 customer support and technical service via chat, mails, and call.



  • MAG420W1 – $270
  • MAG424W3 – $300

Note: The MAG Box comes with a promo offers of 5-year free subscription.

Subscription plan

  • 1 year subscription – $230
  • 2 year subscription – $250
  • 3 year subscription – $270
  • 5 year subscription – $300
Pricing -Tashan IPTV

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How to buy MAG box or Subscription of Tashan IPTV

[1] Visit https://tashantv.net/buy.html from your browser.

[2] Scroll down to the Buy Now tab.

Buy now - Tashan IPTV

[3] Choose your Plan or MAG box from the Select Plan section.

[4] Also, choose the quantity up to 12 from the drop menu.

[5] Check the Terms and condition box, and click on I Agree Buy Now.

[6] Now, enter your card detail, address, and email for receipt in the Tashan Payment form

tashan payment form

[7] Click on Check Out to complete the payment.

[8] Once the payment is made, your order will be reached within 5 business days.

Note: The subscription includes the shipping cost too.

What’s in the Box

  • Tashan HD IPTV Set Top Box
  • STB Remote
  • Power Adapter
  • HDMI or RCA Cable
  • WiFi USB

Tip! You have a 1-year hardware warranty and an IPTV Subscription Warranty for 5 Years. All this warranty can be extended anytime.

How to Setup Tashan IPTV Set-Top box

  • Connect the Tashan HD IPTV set-top box with your TV using the HDMI or RCA cable.
  • Turn it on by connecting the power adaptor to the socket and enjoy watching on Tashan TV.
  • To navigate between channels and more on Tashan TV use the STB remote.

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Winding Up

If you are an Indian or Bollywood lover living outside India, then the Tashan IPTV box can be the best choice. But it does not have an app or web player to access anytime and anywhere, which is the major disadvantage of Tashan TV. If you have any queries, use the comments section below. For more IPTV guides and articles, explore iptvplayerguide.com.