Helios TV: Stream Live TV Channels @ 4.99$

Helios TV

Among several other IPTV services, Helios TV provides a large amount of streaming content. In Helios TV, you can watch live streaming channels like sports, news, along with several movies, series, TV shows, and on-demand videos. It has tons of content to entertain all the age members of your family. Apart from that, it has several plans to choose and subscribe to. So let’s see how to install and access Helios TV on all the available devices.

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How to Sign Up for Helios IPTV

[1] Open any browser on your smartphone or PC.

[2] Visit the Helios TV plan page

  • For Helios Prime Silver Server Plans: https://heliostv.net/product-category/premium-plans/
  • For Helios Tv Gold Server Plans: https://heliostv.net/product-category/subscription-plans/

[3] Select your plan from the list and click on Add to cart.

Add to cart

[4] Check your cart and click on Proceed to Checkout to continue.

Proceed to checkout

[5] on the checkout page, enter your billing details, email address, and password.

[6] Once entered, select your mode of payment.

[7] Agree to Terms and Condition by checking the box and click on place order.

Place order

[8] You will be guided to the payment portal.

[9] Once the payment is completed, you will receive a mail from Helios IIPTV that includes username, password, server URL, and setup guides.

Note: Make sure to keep the email safe for future reference and avoid being misused.

How to Install Helios TV on Android Devices

[1] Open any browser on your Android smartphone or tablet.

[2] Visit the Filelinked site and download the app.

What is Filelinked? Filelinked is an app that converted the link in the form of numbers. When the number is entered, you will be directed to the respective app store in which you can download a bulk amount of app at a time.

[3] Once downloaded, install the Filelinked app on your device.

[4] Open the Filelinked app and enter the Filelinked code: 52435322 for Helios TV.


[5] Download the Helios TV Gold server or silver server app according to your subscription.

Helios TV

[6] Install the downloaded apk on your device.

[7] Open the Helios TV app on your Android device.

[8] Enter any name of your choice to your profile.

[9] Also, enter the username and password (provided during sign-up).

Helios TV - login

[10] Turn the remember me toggle on if needed and click on Login.

[11] Now, you can stream all your favorite content on Helios TV.

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How to Stream Helios TV on iOS using GSE SMART IPTV

[1] Open and launch the App Store on your iPhone or iPad.

[2] Download and install the GSE SMART IPTV app on your iOS device.

[3] Open GSE SMART IPTV app.

[4] Click on the Hamburger menu from the top right corner.

[5] Select Remote playlist from the list.

remote playlist

[6] Now tap the Add (plus) icon from the bottom right corner of the screen.

[7] Select Add M3U URL from the pop-up.


[8] Enter the playlist name (any name of your choice) and playlist link (provided with sign up mail).

Add playlist

[9] Once done, click Add to add your playlist, and it will be displayed in the remote playlist.

Helios TV

[10] Click on your playlist and start streaming all the content on Helios TV.

How to Stream Helios TV for PC using IPTV Smarters Pro

[1] Open any browser on your Windows PC.

[2] Enter the URL: https://bit.ly/3mS5cFK to download IPTV Smarters on your PC.

[3] Once the IPTV Smarter.exe file is downloaded, install it on your device.

[4] Open IPTV Smarters on your PC.

[5] Enter any name for your profile.

[6] Also, enter the username, password, and server URL port (provided via mail).

[7] Click on Add user to add your profile to IPTV Smarters Pro.

IPTV smarters

[8] Now, click on your profile to view all the content of Helios IPTV on your PC.

How to Install Helios IPTV on Firestick

[1] Open Settings on your Fire TV home screen.


[2] Select My Fire TV/Device.

My Fire TV

[3] Navigate to Developer options from the Device settings.

Developer options

[4] Click on Apps from Unknown Sources.

Apps from unknown sources

[5] Enable the Apps from Unknown Sources option.

Turn on

[6] Get back to the Home screen and select the Search icon.


[7] Type Downloader in the search bar.

[8] Select Downloader app and click on the Download icon.

[9] Once the app is installed, open it on your device.

[10] Enter/paste the Filelinked URL and click on Go to download the Filelinked app on your device.


[11] Install and open Filelinked in your Fire TV device.

[12] Enter the Filelinked code: 52435322 to view the Helios TV store.


[13] Now download the Helios TV Gold server or silver server app according to your subscribed plan.

[14] Install the downloaded apk and open the app on your device.

Helios TV

[15] Enter any name to your profile.

[16] Also, enter the username, password, and Server URL Port.

[17] Once entered, click on Add User to add your profile.

Add user - Helios TV

[18] Click on your profile and start watching your favorite movies, TV shows, and many more on Helios TV.

How to Change Password in Helios TV

[1] Open any browser on your smartphones or PC.

[2] Visit Helios TV official site (URL: https://heliostv.net/).

[3] Click on My Account from the menu panel.

Helios TV - My Account

[4] In your Account Dashboard, click on Edit your password and account detail.

[5] Now edit your password by entering your current password.

Edit your password and account details

[6] Followed by the new password and enter it again for confirmation.

[7] Click on Save changes to apply changes to your account.

Save changes - Helios TV

[8] Now your account password has been changed.

password change successfully - Helios TV

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Install and start streaming Helios TV on your device and watch all your favorite movies, TV shows, and many more. Subscribe to Helios TV and get access to thousands of live TV channels. If you have any doubts, make use of the comment section below.