Best IPTV Service Provider in Malaysia [Updated 2023]

Best IPTV Malaysia

IPTV Providers ensure that users can enjoy watching their favorite TV channels and on-demand content. Some of the IPTV Providers come with premium subscription plans, while a few others are free to stream. Also, these services have an amazing collection of on-demand titles and stream pay-per-view events. If you are looking for the best IPTV service with TV channels from Malaysia, the following section has the best collection of services.

Best IPTV Providers in Malaysia

IPTV apps provide live TV channels from across the world and in various languages. The following section will introduce you to the ten best IPTV providers that offer TV channels from Malaysia.

IPTVContent ProvidedBasic SubscriptionPurchase Link
Kemo IPTV18,000+ TV Channels
68,000+ Movies and TV Shows
$29 per 6 monthsSubscribe
Daily IPTV12,000+ TV Channels
 5,000+ Movies and TV shows
33.99 $ for 90 daysSubscribe
IPTV Farm20,000+ TV Channels
50,000 VOD titles
€9.99 per monthSubscribe
Ezee Streams19,000+ TV Channels
VOD titles of movies and TV shows
$9.99 per monthSubscribe
Clean IPTV 20,000 TV Channels
55,000 Movies and 14,000+ Series
$10 per monthSubscribe
Yeah IPTV17,000+ TV channels and
thousands of VOD titles
€9 per monthSubscribe
Astro IPTV110+ TV Channels
Movies and TV Shows
RM 79.99 per monthSubscribe
SyberTV1,000+ TV Channels
7,200+ Movies and TV Shows
RM12 per monthSubscribe
Helix IPTV12,300+ TV Channels
24,000 Movies and TV Shows
$10 per monthSubscribe
IPTV Shop8,000+ TV Channels
1,000 Movies and TV Channels
€ 39.99 for 3 monthsSubscribe

Is IPTV Legal?

Users must know that most IPTV networks are not legal to use due to their copyright infringement.

Speaking about the legality of an IPTV provider is a controversial topic, or rather IPTVs reliability is hard to determine. IPTV services with licensed content are considered legal and safe, whereas those unverified IPTVs hold copyrighted content that isn’t safe to stream on your device. In addition, some IPTVs are geo-blocked and can’t be accessed in other regions.

With the help of a VPN, it is possible to stream IPTV content without any geo-restrictions. A VPN will also benefit you with secure networking and data privacy while hiding your IP address for anonymous streaming of IPTV or to keep you away from hackers. Here, we suggest NordVPN, the best VPN for IPTV streaming in the market, with rich features and stable connectivity.

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Kemo IPTV is an incredible IPTV provider that streams popular Malaysian channels in High Definition. The service is compatible with various streaming devices. The international TV channels in the service include the ones from France, Spain, Portugal, the UK, the USA, Canada, Belgium, Russia, and Denmark. The TV channel library is frequently updated for users. Also, the stable servers of the provider make the streaming free from buffering and freezing.


No. of Channels18,000 TV channels
AntiFreeze TechnologySupported
VPN SupportNot supported
Customer Support24/7 Fast support
EPG SupportSupported
Kemo IPTV = Best IPTV Malaysia

Best Pick: The service has the best collection of Premium Channels.
Drawbacks: Users who apply for a refund can’t subscribe to the service in the future.

Subscription Plans

Subscription1 Connection2 Connections3 Connections4 Connections5 Connections
6 months$25$40$60$75$90
1 Year$39$70$100$125$150
2 Years$59$105$150$195$255
4 Years$100$200$300$400$500

Daily IPTV

DaiIy IPTV is a popular IPTV provider with content from different countries and languages. It is not a service that is completely dedicated to TV channels from Malaysia. The powerful servers of this IPTV allow you to stream the content without any buffering or freezing issues. In addition, the service has TV channels from the US, the UK, Canada, Germany, Spain, France, and Romania.


No. of Channels12000+ TV Channels
AntiFreeze TechnologySupported
VPN SupportNot Supported
Customer SupportContact Tickers
EPG SupportSupported
Daily IPTV

Best Pick: IPTV Farm maintains a 99.9% server uptime for uninterrupted streaming.
Drawbacks: It is not an IPTV provider completely dedicated to TV channels from Malaysia.

Subscription Plans

Subscription Plans1 Connection2 Connections3 Connections
Basic (1 Month)$17.99$28.99$38.99
Standard (3 months)$38.99$63.99$82.99
Premium (6 months)$62.99$95.99$131.99
VIP (12 months)$98.99$161.99$219.99


IPTV Farm has TV channels ranging from 13,200 to 17,000 in different languages. The TV channel lineup is updated regularly. New subscribers can access a free trial for 24 hours. The channel library of IPTV Farm includes TV channels from South Korea, Japan, China, Chile, Thailand, Spain, Taiwan, Turkey, Germany, and Portugal. All of the content from the service is available in streaming qualities like SD, HD, FHD, and 4K.


No. of Channels13,200 TV channels
AntiFreeze TechnologyNot Supported
VPN SupportNot Supported
Customer SupportEmail, Skype, Instagram, and Telegram
EPG SupportSupported
IPTV Farm best IPTV Malaysia

Best Pick: It has the best collection of international TV channels and a 24-hour free trial.
Drawbacks: The service doesn’t support Anti-freeze technology.

Subscription Plans

Subscription DurationOne ConnectionTwo Connections
1 Month€9.99€16.99
3 Months€24.99€34.99
6 Months€44.99€54.99
12 Months€74.99€89.99

Ezee Streams

Ezee Streams has more than 19,000 TV channels in its collection. These TV channels stream in SD, HD, FHD, UHD, and 4K streaming qualities. The app library also includes sports, documentaries, movies, kid’s shows, news, and music for subscribers. Apart from Malaysia, Ezee Streams has TV channels from other countries as well. This includes countries like France, Korea, Finland, Algeria, Morocco, Jordan, Kuwait, and Syria.


No. of Channels19,000 TV channels
AntiFreeze TechnologyNot Supported
VPN SupportNot Supported
Customer SupportWhatsapp & Email Support
EPG SupportSupported
ezee Stream

Best Pick: The service has support on Amazon Fire TV and Roku TV.
Drawbacks: There is no money-back guarantee.

Subscription Plans

Subscription Duration1 connection2 Connections
1 Month$9.99$15
3 Months$23$31
6 Months$33.99$52
12 Months$59$77

Clean IPTV

Clean IPTV has more than 20,000 TV channels in different languages. In addition, the service includes more than 55,000 movies and 14,000 TV series. Clean IPTV has one of the best global channel lineups. It has TV channels from countries like France, Spain, Germany, Portugal, Italy, Finland, Romania, the UK, the USA, and more. Subscribers can stream this content in HD, FHD, and 4K.


No. of Channels20000 TV channels
AntiFreeze TechnologyNot Supported
VPN SupportNot Supported
Customer SupportContact Us Form
EPG SupportSupported

Best Pick: The service streams exclusive PPV events.
Drawbacks: No dedicated app APK file is available.

Subscription Plans

Subscription Duration1 Connection2 Connections
1 Month$10$17
3 Months$24$44
6 Months$44$82
1 Year$75$125


Yeah IPTV is an important live TV and VOD content streaming provider with over 6500 TV channels. This subscription-based IPTV provider has a 99% server uptime. The service has an exciting collection of international TV channels. This includes TV channels from countries like Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Romania, Greece, the US, China, and Japan.


No. of Channels17000+ TV channels
AntiFreeze TechnologySupported
VPN SupportNo Support
Customer Support24/7 Live Support
EPG SupportSupported

Best Pick: The content library is regularly updated, and users can request more content.
Drawbacks: It doesn’t offer a refund policy.

Subscription Plans

Subscription DurationOne ConnectionTwo ConnectionThree ConnectionFour ConnectionFive Connection
1 Month$15$25$35$45$55
3 Months$49$60$81$97$111
1 Year$79$138$189$232$259

Astro IPTV

Astro IPTV is a subscription-based IPTV provider to watch popular Malaysian content. The provider streams both TV channels and on-demand titles. Apart from Malaysian content, the service includes content from other countries like Korea, China, and the US. Users can also watch their favorite sporting events through the service. The on-demand content from the service is collected from popular apps like Astro, HBO Go, Disney Plus Hotstar, and Netflix.


No. of Channels110 TV Channels
AntiFreeze TechnologyNot Supported
VPN SupportNot Supported
Customer SupportChat, Feedback Form, WhatsApp, Twitter and Facebook
EPG SupportSupported
Best IPTV Malaysia Astro IPTV

Best Pick: The service gives access to the best titles from popular streaming services.
Drawbacks: No money-back guarantee

Subscription Plans

Subscription PlansPricing
Primary PackRM 59.99
Sports PackRM 99.99
Movies PackRM 94.99
Entertainment PackRM 89.99
Sports Plus PackRM 129.99
Movies Plus PackRM 129.99
Entertainment Plus PackRM 129.99
Premium Pack 1RM 129.99
Premium Pack 2RM 149.99
Premium Pack 3RM 154.99
Platinum PackRM 194.99


While choosing the best IPTV provider from Malaysia, users should also consider getting a subscription to SyberTV. This subscription-based IPTV provider has made flexible subscription plans available. Users of the IPTV service can obtain any subscription based on how long they intend to use the service. It has TV channels from other countries and is categorized in the app for ease of access.


No. of Channels1000 TV channels
AntiFreeze TechnologyNot Supported
VPN SupportNot Supported
Customer SupportAvailable on the official website
EPG SupportNot Supported
Syber TV

Best Pick: The library has the best collection of Asian TV channel lineups categorized for ease of access.
Drawbacks: No money-back guarantee is offered by the provider for users.

Subscription Plans

Subscription DurationPricing
1 MonthRM 12
3 MonthsRM 34
6 MonthsRM 60
1 YearRM 95
2 YearsRM 125
3 YearsRM 195

Helix IPTV

Helix IPTV has more than 6,500 TV channels in total and 14,000+ movies. Also, the service includes an extensive collection of movies and TV shows. The basic subscription will let users stream all exclusive PPV channels with ultimate categorized sections. HelixIPTV also includes TV channels from the US, the UK, Canada, Germany, Turkey, India, Sweden, Belgium, Egypt, UAE, and Jordan.


No. of Channels6500 TV channels
AntiFreeze TechnologyNot Supported
VPN SupportNot Supported
Customer SupportLive Chat
EPG SupportSupported

Best Pick: It has a dedicated as well as powerful EPG support.
Drawbacks: Unavailability of Anti-freeze technology and free trial service.

Subscription Plans

Subscription DurationPricing per month
Half Yearly€47


IPTV Shop has one of the coolest collections of TV channels in Malaysia, making it one of the best IPTV providers in Malaysia. The TV channels from the service stream are available in SD and HD resolutions. It is an Android application with content from popular services like Astro. In addition, the service includes TV channels from ThailandJapanPakistan, China, Singapore, UAE (Dubai), India and more.


No. of Channels8000+ TV Channels
AntiFreeze TechnologySupported
VPN SupportNot Supported
Customer SupportEmail Support
EPG Support Supported

Best Pick: The TV channel library is updated regularly.
Drawbacks: There is no support for 4K channels in the service.

Subscription Plans

Subscription DurationSimultaneous connectionPricing
3 Months1€ 30
6 Months1€ 45
12 Months1€ 55
12 Months2€ 89
12 Months3€ 105
24 Months2€ 99

Final Words

The above section will help you choose the best IPTV provider with TV channels, movies, and VOD titles from Malaysia. Users can choose the best one based on the channel library, subscription charges, and other significant features. By using the M3U URL or Xtream Codes offered by your provider, you can stream a lot of media content on your TV.

Users can access their subscriptions over the internet, both inside and outside Malaysia with the help of the best VPNs for your IPTV service. If you have better IPTV options with Malaysian content, mention it in the comments.