How to Install IPTV on JVC Smart TV

IPTV on JVC Smart TV

Internet Protocol Television (abbreviated as IPTV) is a service that offers online access to live TV channels and movies. In essence, an IPTV service is a quicker and more flexible alternative to cable or satellite TV subscriptions. Some IPTV services have subscription plans, and others are free to stream. With IPTV on JVC TV, users can stream TV channels and VOD content in HD.

How to Install IPTV on JVC TV

The JVC Smart TV supports both Android TV OS as well as Roku TV OS. Both these operating systems have a fair share of apps for the users to stream. However, IPTV services give users access to more content affordably. Let’s discuss how to access IPTV on both of these operating systems.

Is IPTV Legal?

Users of IPTV providers might always have doubts about the legal status of the services. Today, a few services lack the necessary copyrights that they are supposed to have. At the same time, users can find legal IPTV providers with the best collection of TV channels and VOD titles. It is up to the users to choose any IPTV provider. To make sure that your online streaming is secure, make use of a VPN like ExpressVPN or NordVPN.

IPTV on JVC Android TV

If you have a JVC Android Smart TV, get access to the TV channel lineup with IPTV Smarters by installing the app from the Play Store.

1. Initially, turn on your Android TV and connect the device to a stable internet connection.

2. Click on the Apps icon on the Smart TV’s home screen.

3. Open the Play Store and click on the Search option.

Open Play Store

4. In the search bar, type IPTV Smarters Lite and look for the app.

5. Select the app icon and the Install button.

6. The app starts to install on the JVC Smart TV.

7. Open the app and enter the details of the IPTV provider subscription.

Access IPTV JVC TV with IPTV Smarters

8. Click on the Add User option to load the TV channel lineup.

9. Access and play the TV channels from the service on your Smart TV.

Install IPTV on JVC Android TV using Downloader

Users can sideload IPTV Player apps and IPTV provider apps onto their Android TVs. For this, users need to install the Downloader app which is available in the Google Play Store for download. The whole method of sideloading includes a few steps, which are as follows.

Install Downloader From Google Play Store

1. Turn on your Android TV and connect the device to a stable internet connection.

2. From the home screen, open the Google Play Store.

3. Use the search bar to browse for the Downloader app.

4.  Choose the app from among the search results.

5. Select the Install button on the app overview screen.

Install Downloader on Roku to stream IPTV on JVC TV

6. Wait for the app installation to complete on Android TV.

7. Select the Open button to launch the app on the TV.

Enable Unknown Sources on Android TV

1. From the home screen, open the Settings menu.

2. Choose the Device Preferences option.

3. Select the Security and Restrictions option, followed by the Unknown Sources option.

Security & Restrictions

4. Further, select the Downloader option and enable it with the toggle.

Enable Downloader to install IPTV on JVC TV

Install IPTV App on Android TV

1. Return to the home screen and open the Downloader app.

2. On the app prompt, choose the Allow option.

Click on Allow

3. In the app URL field, provide the URL for the IPTV APK file.

Provide the IPTV APK URL on Downloader app on JVC TV

4. Click on Go to download the app.

5. When the download completes, Install it on your TV.

6. Open the app and sign in to your subscription with a provider.

7. Finally, play your favorite content and stream it on your TV.


Users can stream IPTV on Roku TV with IPTV Smarters by following these four steps.

Enable Developer Options on Roku

1. After turning on the Roku device and grab its remote.

2. Press these buttons in sequence, the Home button 3 times. > Up button 2 times > Right > Left > Right > Left > Right.

2. You can see the Developer secret menu displayed on the screen.

Select the Disable instraller and restart

3. When you get the IP address on the screen, note it down.

Note the IP address

4. Click on the Enable Installer and Restart button.

5. Next, select the I Agree option and create a web server password.

6. Select the Set password and reboot button.

Click on Set password and reboot

Add IPTV Smarters Channel

1. Turn on your computer and visit

2. Click on the Sign In button and provide your Roku username and password.

Sign in to the Roku account

3. Select the Profile icon and click on the My Account option.

Click on the My account option

4. Navigate to the Manage Account section and select the Add channel with a code option.

Click on Add channel with a code to add IPTV on JVC TV

5. Enter iptvsmarters in the required.

6. Click on the Add Channel option and the OK option.

Click on Add Channel to add IPTV Smarters on JVC TV

7. Select the Yes, Add channel option to confirm the selection.

Confirm adding IPTV Smarters on JVC TV

Download the IPTV Smarters on a PC

1. Turn on your computer and open any web browser.

2. Visit on the browser.

3. Download the IPTV Smarter app’s file to your computer.

4. Save the IPTV Smarters package on your PC in a convenient location.

Save IPTV Smarters

Install IPTV Smarters on Roku

1. Open a web browser on your PC again.

2. Visit the IP address you noted down earlier in the process.

3. Provide the username as Rokudev and enter the web server password you created earlier in the process.

4. Select the Upload button and go to the location with the IPTV Smarters package on the computer.

Choose the IPTV Package

5. Open the package to upload and click on Install

Click on Install to install IPTV Smarters on JVC TV

6. Wait for the IPTV Smarters file to be uploaded.

7. Open the IPTV Smarters app and sign in to your IPTV provider subscription.

Sign in to the IPTV Smarters app to access IPTV on JVC TV

8. Finally, access the TV channel playlist to stream on the device.

Now, you can install the IPTV app on your JVC Smart TV. You can get the best IPTV Players for your Smart TV if you have purchased the M3U URL of the IPTV Providers.

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