iMPlayer IPTV: Review, Pricing, and Installation Guide

Install iMPlayer IPTV Player

iMPlayer IPTV player is one of the best IPTV players that users can get on their streaming devices. It comes with a lot of built-in features and offers customizable options. It also supports IPTV playlists or M3U playlists. Also, With iMPlayer IPTV, you can record and download the content it offers. Being a premium IPTV player, it includes cloud support, and users can sync their accounts.

Key Specs

  • Playlist Formats: M3U Playlists, XC & Stalker APIs
  • EPG Support: Yes
  • Supported Devices: Android, Firestick, Smart TV, Windows, and Mac PC
  • Other Features: TV Catchup, local timeshift, recording, and downloading


iMPlayer IPTV is a premium IPTV Player with lifetime subscription charges based on the number of connections you want. To get the service on more devices, pay $7 for each device.

No of ConnectionsSubscription Charges
2 Devices$20
3 Devices$25
4 Devices$28
5 Devices$35

Is iMPlayer IPTV Legal?

Yes. iMPlayer IPTV comes with a simple user interface with support for various streaming devices. It doesn’t involve any copyright infringement as it offers no IPTV content of its own. Unfortunately, accessing the IPTV playlist from your provider might attract online threats to other devices. For the required online security, users need a subscription to a secure VPN like NordVPN or ExpressVPN.

How to Create an iMPlayer IPTV Account

(1) From your device, open any internet browser.

(2) Enter iMPlayer IPTV on the search bar. From the search results, choose the iMPlayer IPTV official website.

Visit the iMPlayer IPTV website

(3) Click on the Dashboard button from the top of the screen to launch the login page, and then select Sign Up.

Select Sign Up

(4) On the New User page, enter your Email Address and Password and click Sign Up.

Select Sign Up

(5) You have now created your account iMPlayer IPTV.

How to Subscribe to iMPlayer IPTV Media Player

(1) Go to the official iMPlayer IPTV website and scroll to the Premium Subscriptions section.

(2) Choose your plan and click on Buy Now.

Select Buy Now

(3) Enter your iMPlayer Account details and select Login.

(4) Click on Purchase on the plan you want, and on the new page, select Pay.

Select Purchase to install iMPlayer IPTV Player

(5) On the Checkout page, enter your Card Number and Expiry Date, and click on Pay.

(6) You have now subscribed to an iMPlayer IPTV Media Player.

How to Install iMPlayer IPTV on Streaming Devices

iMPlayer is available on a few different streaming platforms. The devices you can access the app on include:

Install iMPlayer IPTV on Android Devices

The IPTV Player app is available in the Google Play Store for users to install on their devices.

(1) Turn on your Android device and go to the Play Store.

(2) In the search column, enter iMPlayer IPTV and choose the IPTV Player app from the search results in the Play Store.

(3) Select Install to download and install the IPTV player on your device.

Tap Install to get iMPlayer IPTV

(4) Once the installation process is done, open the IPTV Player app.

(5) Login with your iMPlayer IPTV account and enter the M3U URL from the IPTV provider to watch the content on your Android device.

iMPlayer IPTV on Android

Download iMPlayer IPTV on Windows and Mac PC

Use the BlueStacks website to install the IPTV Player on your computer.

(1) Turn on your PC and launch the browser.

(2) Search for BlueStacks and choose BlueStack’s official website.

Visit the BlueStacks website

(3) Download the BlueStacks application on your PC and install it.

(4) After the installation process is done, launch the app.

(5) Sign in using your Google Account and open the Google Play Store.

Select Google Play Store to install iMPlayer IPTV Player

(6) Search for iMPlayer IPTV, and from the search results, choose iMPlayer IPTV Player.

(7) Click on Install to download and install the IPTV app on your PC.

(8) Launch the app and sign in with your iMPlayer IPTV Account.

(9) You can now stream the content from IPTV providers on your PC.

Access iMPlayer IPTV on Firestick

If you are a Firestick user, get the Downloader app to install the IPTV player app.

(1) Go back to the Firestick home screen, and select the Find option followed by the Search option.

Select Search

(2) On the search bar, enter Downloader and choose Downloader from the search results.

Enter Downloader

(3) Select Download to download and install the Downloader app on your Firestick.

(4) Now, go to Settings and choose My Fire TV.

Select My Fire TV

(5) Select Developer Options and select Install unknown apps.

Select Install unknown apps to install iMPlayer IPTV Player

(6) On the next screen, turn on the Downloader app to install unknown apps.

(7) Open the Downloader app and choose the URL Box.

(8) Enter the URL of the iMPlayer IPTV Player APK and click on Go to download the IPTV player on your Fire TV Stick.

Select Go to install iMPlayer IPTV Player

(9) Further, install the IPTV Player on the Firestick and open it.

(10) Sign in to your iMPlayer IPTV account and enter the M3U URL to stream the content provided by the IPTV providers.

Get iMPlayer IPTV on Android Smart TV

The APK file of the IPTV Player should be installed on Android Smart TV.

(1) Launch the Settings menu and select the Device Preferences option.

Open the Settings menu

(2) Choose the Security and Restrictions option.

(3) Click the Unknown Sources option.

Enable Unknown Sources to install iMPlayer IPTV

(4) Open a web browser on your computer and search for the iMPlayer IPTV APK file.

(5) Download the APK file to your device from a trusted source.

(6) Connect a USB drive to your PC.

(7) Copy the APK file of the IPTV app and remove the USB drive from your PC.

(8) Further, connect the USB drive to your Smart TV.

(9) Open a File Manager on your TV and access the APK file.

(10) Install the IPTV Player and then open the app.

(11) Sign in to your account with the IPTV Player.

(12) Access the IPTV channel playlist using your account details.


iMPlayer is definitely the most reliable IPTV player available today. Still, if you want better alternatives, try these IPTV players.


Root IPTV is a free IPTV Player that gets access to the TV channel lineup through M3U URLs and Xtreme Codes. It has a separate section to access TV catchup and the Electronic Program Guide. It is officially available on the Play Store and is easy to use.

Potplayer IPTV

Root IPTV belongs to the lineup of the simplest IPTV players for your streaming devices. The service lets users access IPTV content using M3U URLs and Xtream Codes playlists. Users can find the IPTV player in the Play Store. Moreover, the IPTV player supports both Catchup TV and EPG.

Potplayer IPTV

Potplayer IPTV is another important IPTV player for all your devices. It can access both IPTV playlists and local media content. It is best known for its support of 3D glasses and 3D experience. PotPlayer IPTV player has support for subtitles of various formats and customer care.

IPTV Stalker Player

IPTV Stalker Player is an IPTV player that has support on multiple devices. It includes a premium subscription that ranges between $8 to $18. It offers various features for an impressive streaming experience. IPTV Stalker Player also supports parental controls and features to record shows.