How to Install IPTV on LG Smart TV [Updated 2023]

Smart IPTV for LG Smart TV

The LG Smart TV is among the best media streaming devices available. IPTV on LG TV opens up a whole new library of amazing movies, TV shows, and TV channels. The best part of IPTV services is that users need not pay a huge sum for the subscription. However, most users are unsure of how to install IPTV on LG Smart TV. The procedure is easier than you think and extremely beneficial. Aside, you shall even

Is IPTV Legal?

No. Copyright-protected content is present in the libraries of a few IPTV providers. In other words, it’s difficult to tell whether an IPTV service is legal. It is important to note that while streaming online, the device’s security may be compromised. However, with high-end VPN services like NordVPN and ExpressVPN, you can fight malicious online attacks.

How to Install IPTV for LG Smart TV

With two simple procedures, users of LG Smart TVs can access IPTV content.

Install Smart IPTV from LG Content Store

Smart IPTV is an excellent IPTV Player available in the LG Content Store. Users can use the app to access the channel playlist from any IPTV provider.

1. Turn On your LG Smart TV.

2. Press the Home button on the remote to launch LG Content Store.

Open the LG Content Store

3. Tap the Search icon and enter Smart IPTV.

Search for Smart IPTV on LG TV

4. Select the Smart IPTV app from the list on your screen and click Install.

Click Install to get IPTV on LG TV

5. Launch the Smart IPTV on your LG Smart TV.

6. You can see the Mac address on the screen. Make a note of the Mac address.

Note down the mac address displayed on Sharp TV

7. On your smartphone or PC, open any browser of your choice and visit the Smart IPTV activation website (

8. Enter the Mac address on the respective box and complete the payment using Paypal, debit, and credit cards.

Enter Mac address

9. Then, navigate to the My List tab. Enter your Mac address and the M3U URL of your IPTV service provider.

10. Finally, tap Send and wait for the message. 1 URL added! Restart your App.

Enter IPTV credentials

11. Close the app on your LG Smart TV and open it after a few seconds.

12. Now, you will have access to all the content of your service provider. Play your favorite video content and watch it on your LG Smart TV.

Cast IPTV on LG Smart TV

Screen mirroring from other devices allows users to access IPTV content on their LG Smart TVs. For the same reason, users should connect their Android device and LG Smart TV to the same Wi-Fi network.

1. On your Android phone, launch the Play Store app and download the IPTV Blink Player app.

2. Once downloaded, open IPTV Blink Player and sign in with the login credentials of your service provider

3. Power on LG Smart TV and press the Cable icon button on the remote.

4. Doing this will pop up a menu. Scroll down and select the option Screen Share.

Tap Screen share

5. You’ll be directed to the Screen Share page.


6. Now, go to the Notification Panel on your Android phone and click the Cast icon.

7. Select your LG Smart TV from the list of available devices.

8. Within seconds, you’ll see the Android phone screen on LG Smart TV.

9. Go back to the IPTV app and play any video content to stream it on your LG Smart TV.

AirPlay IPTV on LG Smart TV

LG Smart TVs support AirPlay in various models with webOS versions like 22, 6.0, 5.0, 4.5, and 4.0. So, if you have one of these models, use the AirPlay feature to access IPTV content.

1. Grab the LG TV remote in your hand and press the Home button.

2. From the Home Dashboard, click AirPlay.

3. Choose the AirPlay and HomeKit option and turn on AirPlay.

Select AirPlay

4. Connect your iOS device to the same Wi-Fi network as the LG TV.

5. Launch your App Store and install any IPTV Player.

6. Open the app and sign in to your IPTV provider account.

7. Launch the Control Center of the iOS device.

8. Select the Screen Mirroring icon.

Tap the Screen Mirroring icon

9. From the list, tap the LG Smart TV.

10. This will mirror the screen of the iOS device on your TV.

11. Finally, open the IPTV player to stream IPTV content on LG TV.

Best IPTV Players for LG Smart TV

These IPTV Players belong to the best IPTV Players for your LG TV to stream movies and TV shows.

IPTV Smarters Pro

An essential media player with a straightforward user interface is IPTV Smarters Player. There are many intriguing features in it. It offers categories for streaming radio, TV shows, movies, and series. IPTV Smarters Pro supports both the tabbed view and the Picture-in-Picture feature.


The Content Store allows you to download OttPlayer, a free IPTV media player, for installation. It supports a variety of protocols, including RTMP, RTSP, and HLS. When using the OttPlayer app to stream entertainment, users don’t have to worry about interrupting ads.

Smart IPTV

Users can view live TV channels, movies, and TV shows with the help of the Smart IPTV app on their Smart TV. It also includes a section for TV Catchup from an IPTV service provider. Your streaming device needs to be activated with a Mac Address from the app.

Flix IPTV Player

Flix IPTV Player is another excellent IPTV app available in the Content Store. External media players like MX Player and VLC Media Player are also supported. You can choose the language and subtitles, and it supports multiple languages. Parental Control can be activated to control streaming as well.

Best IPTV Providers for LG Smart TV

With these IPTV Players, you can access IPTV content from the best IPTV Providers for LG Smart TV.

Sportz TV

Sportz TV provides the best sports feeds compared with other IPTV services. There is a ton of live TV, on-demand content, and other titles you can watch. There are more than 13,300 TV channels on Sportz TV. The channels are divided into several categories. As a result, the service offers the best streaming experience.

Sapphire Secure

One of the most respected IPTV services is Sapphire Secure. This IPTV’s entire library is available for HD streaming. Apart from this, it includes multi-screen features and has access to all the popular channels. Sapphire Secure offers thousands of VODs and adult content for users.

IPTV Trends

IPTV Trends is an excellent service provider with premium TV channels from the US, UK, Canada, and other European nations. You can watch the IPTV channels without interruptions. IPTV Trends offer subscribers a server uptime of 99.9% for the same reason.

Beast TV

Beast TV is a prominent IPTV provider that broadcasts international TV channels. All of the channels offered by this subscription have a 3-day TV catchup option. You can use this function to catch up on the television shows and movies you missed during the last three days.

Users of LG Smart TVs can enjoy the most out of IPTV providers with the best apps. The LG Content Store hosts IPTV players to access movies and TV shows on their devices. Make sure that you subscribe to one of the best providers. They might include free or paid trials that you can use before confirming the subscription. Also, they provide efficient customer support that you can reach out to if you have any doubts regarding the service.