Silent Ghost IPTV – Stream 500+ Channels in HD Quality

Silent Ghost IPTV
Silent Ghost IPTV

Silent Ghost is an IPTV service that lets you watch 500+ TV channels in HD quality. It has on-demand streaming of movies, TV shows, and series. The IPTV also has an offline streaming facility to download on-demand content anytime. The main advantage of using Silent Ghost IPTV is that it lets you watch TV channels on 4 devices at once. The Silent Ghost IPTV can be accessed on platforms like Android, iOS, Firestick, Windows, and Mac PC.

Silent Ghost IPTV Price and Packages

There is only one subscription package available in Silent Ghost IPTV. It costs $25.00 per month. Before purchasing the premium package, you can use the 2-day free trial package to test out the features of the Silent Ghost service.

How to Register for Silent Ghost?

1. Open any web browser and visit the Silent Ghost Website [].

2. Tap the Register button located on the top right corner of the site.

Silent Ghost IPTV
Click Register

3. Fill in the required details like email ID, name, mobile number, address, and password.

4. After entering the details, click Continue.

Silent Ghost IPTV
Enter Required Details

5. Again tap Continue to proceed further.

6. Now, click the SHOP button located on the website menu bar.

Silent Ghost IPTV
Click Shop

7. Select the Buy Now button located below the package.

Click Buy Now
Click Buy Now

8. Tap the Next button located below the package details.

Silent Ghost IPTV
Click Next

9. Now, click Confirm Order.

10. Go through the payment process and purchase the Silent Ghost IPTV service.

After purchasing the package, you will receive a streaming link. You need to configure that streaming link with the IPTV players to watch TV channels.

How to Watch Silent Ghost IPTV on Streaming Devices

The Silent Ghost IPTV can be watched on

Stream Silent Ghost IPTV on Android/iOS

1. Download and install the NordGO app on your device. You can download this app from the inbuilt app store.

2. Launch the app.

3. Select the USERNAME PASSWORD login method.


4. Enter the required details and click LOGIN.


5. Start watching TV channels on an Android or iOS device.

Watch Silent Ghost IPTV on Windows/Mac PC

1. Download and install the VLC media player from the Official Website.

2. Open VLC and press CTRL +N keys to open the Network Streams menu.

3. Type the streaming link provided to you and click Play.

4. Now, the channels listed in the Silent Ghost service started to stream on your device.

Stream Silent Ghost IPTV on Smart TV

1. Turn on the Smart TV and choose the Apps tab.

Select Apps tab

2. Select the Google Play Store and click the Search icon.

Search for Smart IPTV

3. Choose the Smart IPTV in the Google Play Store.

4. Select Install to download the Smart IPTV on the Smart TV.

5. Click Open to launch the IPTV Player and get the MAC Address.

6. Go to the Smart IPTV Website on the PC or Smartphone.

7. Provide the MAC Address and the M3U URL on the Website.

Enter the MAC Address

8. Select the Checkboxes and click the Send option at the bottom.

9. Restart the Smart IPTV and choose the content for streaming.

Watch Silent Ghost IPTV on Firestick

1. Power on the Firestick and go to the Find tab.

Click Search option

2. Click the Search option and search for Downloader.

Choose Downloader to stream Silent Ghost IPTV

3. Select Download to get the Downloader app on Firestick.

Select Download to get Downloader app

4. Move back to the Fire TV Home screen and select the Settings icon.

Click Settings to watch Silent Ghost IPTV

5. Click the My Fire TV and choose Developer Options.

Select My Fire TV

6. Select Install Unknown Apps and look for the Downloader app.

7. Choose the Downloader app and turn on the Toggle to install the unknown apps.

Turn on Downloader

8. Now, launch the Downloader app and select Allow in the prompt.

9. Provide the TiviMate IPTV Player Apk URL and select Go to download the apk file.

Enter TiviMate IPTV Apk URL

10. Choose Install to install the app and launch the TiviMate IPTV Player app.

11. Go to Add Playlists section and enter the M3U URL to get the IPTV Providers content.

12. Browse the IPTV content and select the content to watch on Firestick.


The Silent Ghost service could be the best streaming service for TV channels on your device. Apart from TV streaming, IPTV offers Ads, and you cannot avoid ads in the streaming. Make sure that you use a VPN for streaming the IPTV and eliminate the issues of legal streaming. Try this service on your device and leave your feedback in the comment box provided below.