NFPS IPTV Review: Features, Pricing & Installation


IPTV services have turned out to be the most reliable streaming option in recent times. They are not only affordable but seem to provide a customized user experience. With this, users can stream what they want at their convenient timings. Most of the IPTVs let you stream the source media without any limitations. Of all the working IPTVs, you will get to know in detail about NFPS IPTV. If you aren’t sure whether NFPS IPTV satisfies your entertainment needs, read the section further.

Features of NFPS IPTV

The list of things you will get with the installation of NFPS Internet Protocol TV is listed below.

  • There are more than 900 live TV channels to stream and get entertained.
  • It supports TV or EPG Guide, and you will find the timings and other details.
  • You can stream 3000+ latest movies with the NFPS TV IPTV.
  • With this IPTV, you can watch TV series, sports events, VOD, and more.

How to Sign Up for NFPS IPTV

Follow the steps given below carefully to create an account with NFPS Internet Protocol TV.

1. Open a web browser to visit

2. Hover to click on the Order Now button.

3. Provide your email on the field given.

Choose Plan

4. Choose the device, year, amount, MAC address, and country.

5. Select the payment method and make the payment.

6. When the payment is a success, you will receive the login details in the email.

NFPS IPTV Plans & Pricing

There are different plans available for the retailers as donations. You can get the free trial for 4 hours by clicking on the Free Trial tab. Check them out from below.

  • 1 Donation: $60
  • 2 Donation: $100
  • 3 Donation: $145
  • 4 Donation: $185

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How to Access NFPS IPTV on Android Devices

Whether you want to access NFPS Internet Protocol TV on the Android phone, tablet, or Android box, follow the instructions given below.

Pre-Requisite: Download and install VLC Player on your Android device.

1. Launch the VLC media player on your Android device.

2. Select the Media menu available at the top.

3. Choose the Open Network Stream option.

4. Now, select the radio button of HTTP/HTTPS/FTP/MMS.

5. Type the URL of the NFPS IPTV and click OK.

6. With this, the IPTV will load and open the available playlists.

How to Stream NFPS IPTV on Apple Devices

The step-by-step procedure to stream NFPS Internet Protocol TV on iPhone and iPad is as follows.

Pre-Requisite: You should download the GSE Smart IPTV app from the App Store.

1. Open the GSE Smart IPTV app on your Apple device from the apps section.

2. Select Menu and click on the Remote Playlists option.

Remote Playlist

3. Choose Add (+) and enter the necessary details.


4. Click Login, and when the NFPS Internet Protocol TV gets loaded, you shall stream its content.

How to Watch NFPS IPTV on Firestick

Firestick or Fire TV users can access NFPS Internet Protocol TV with the help of an IPTV player. This section guides you with Smart IPTV.

Pre-Requisite: Install Smart IPTV on your Firestick

1. Go to the Your Apps & Channels section of Fire TV to launch Smart IPTV.

2. Note the MAC address displayed on the screen.

3. Launch a browser and go to

4. Select Add External Playlists Links (URLs) to enter the MAC address shown on Fire TV.

5. Provide the details of NFPS IPTV login details and click on Add link button.

6. When you restart the Firestick, you shall stream the NFPS TV titles.

How to Use NFPS IPTV on MAG Devices

NFPS TV IPTV works on MAG 250/254/256 models, and the below steps will help you access it.

1. From the MAG Home, select the Settings option.


2. Choose the System Settings option.

System Settings

3. Go ahead to click Portals.


4. Enter the URL and portal name on the provided field.


5. Save the above changes, and then reboot the device to access NFPS Internet Protocol TV on the MAG device.

How to Stream NFPS IPTV on Smart TV

If you own Samsung or LG TV, you can stream NFPS IPTV on them with an IPTV player’s help.

Pre-Requisite: Get the IPTV Smarters Players app from Samsung Hub or LG Content Store.

1. Open the IPTV Smarters Players app and log in to your account.

2. You should enter the details, like name, username, password, and port.

3. Select the Add User button to add NFPS IPTV on the smart TV.

4. Once added, you shall select the Live TV option to watch any available titles.

How to Watch NFPS IPTV on Kodi

NFPS Internet Protocol TV is Kodi-compatible, and you shall stream it with the help of the PVR IPTV Simple Client.

1. Launch the Kodi app on your device and click the TV menu from the left.


2. Select the Enter add-on browser button.

Enter add-on browser - NFPS IPTV

3. Navigate to click on the PVR IPTV Simple Client.

PVR IPTV Simple Client

4. Now, tap on the Configure button.

Configure - NFPS IPTV

5. On the Settings window, select General.

6. Tap on Location and click Remote Path to enter the IPTV URL.

7. Go ahead and click on the M3U Play List URL option.

8. Provide the NFPS Internet Protocol TV URL and press OK.

9. Now, click the Enable button and wait for the IPTV to get loaded.

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Winding Up

You can install NFPS IPTV on a wide range of devices, as discussed here in this section. Make sure to choose the right plan for unlimited streaming content. You shall leave a comment below if you have any queries.