With the IPTV or internet television programming, all the content gets delivered over internet protocol. They deliver VOD and time-shifted media instead of a specific schedule. Just by requesting your internet provider, you can watch anything without any delay. Thus you need not rely on the cable TV subscription to stream your desired content. Of all the IPTVs, this section reviews Pyramid TV IPTV along with its features and installation guidelines. It is one of the best and strongest IPTV service providers globally that offers endless hours of the streaming experience.

Features of Pyramid TV IPTV

The characteristics of Pyramid IPTV are listed down.

  • Watch 4100+ live TV channels in HD quality.
  • It has more than 10000 movies and 28000 series episodes.
  • The library of this IPTV gets updated constantly.
  • The titles are available in different languages of the world.
  • It works on multiple devices as the IPTV offers cross-platform support.
  • You can watch movies on-demand, radio, adult shows, sports, etc.

Pyramid TV IPTV – Plans & Pricing

There are different subscription plans, and you can select anyone to stream your favorite IPTV titles. It also offers a free trial.

  • 3 Months: $34
  • 6 Months: $66
  • 1 Year: $121

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How to Sign Up for Pyramid TV IPTV

Since Pyramid is a subscription-based IPTV service, you shall need to register for an account. With this, you will get your login details.

1. Visit the official webpage of Pyramid TV and click on the Account icon.

2. Choose the Register option to proceed with creating an account.

3. Key in your personal details on the provided field, create a password, enter the captcha, and select Continue.

4. Wait for the log-in details to be sent through the registered email ID.

How to Setup Pyramid TV IPTV on Android Devices

Those with Android phones, tablets, Android TV, and boxes can follow the below steps to use Pyramid IPTV.

1. Navigate on the apps section and select the Play Store icon.

2. Using the search bar, find the STBEmu app and download it.

3. Launch the app after the download process.

4. Hover to the app Settings and choose Profiles.

5. Now, you need to create a new profile.

6. Enter the MAC address or portal URL.

7. Finally, exit the app and start streaming the IPTV.

How to Use Pyramid TV IPTV on MAG Devices

Those using MAG boxes can follow the steps given below to use the Pyramid TV.

1. On the main portal screen of MAG, you need to select Settings.

MAG Settings - Pyramid TV IPTV

2. Using the remote keys, choose System Settings.

System Settings - Pyramid TV IPTV

3. Go ahead to select the Server option.

4. On the next screen, choose Portals.

Portals - Pyramid TV IPTV

5. Now, enter the portal name and URL on the respective field as received on the email.

6. With this, you shall start streaming any titles on Pyramid TV.

How to Access Pyramid TV IPTV on Kodi

The below steps will work on Kodi v15 and later. You can access Pyramid TV with the help of the Stalker PVR addon.

Note: The steps will be the same on Android, Firestick, Android TV, Nvidia Shield, etc., as Kodi has the same interface on all the devices.

1. Firstly, download and install the latest version of Kodi on your device.

2. Launch the Kodi app and select the System option.


3. Choose Add-ons from the available options.

Addons - Pyramid TV IPTV

4. On the next window, select the My Add-ons menu.

My Addons

5. Now, click on the PVR clients.

PVR Client - Pyramid TV IPTV

6. Choose Stalker Client.

Stalker Client

7. On the following screen, enable Stalker Client addon and select Configure.

Enable and Configure

8. Under the General tab, enter Active Portal as 1 and Timeout to the maximum value.

9. Now, select the Portal 1 tab and provide the MAC address.

10. Highlight Preference and enter the Remote URL to stream the IPTV.


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To Conclude

If you are about to stream titles only on one device, Pyramid TV is worth using. It doesn’t allow accessing content on multiple devices. Similarly, it won’t let you record one channel while streaming another. To share us your feedback or queries, you shall use the comments section below.