Rainha IPTV: Review and Installation Guide

Rainha IPTV

IPTV will be the important source for streaming any on-demand content or live TV channels on your streaming devices. There are lots and lots of IPTV service providers. Here we are going to discuss the Rainha IPTV service provider. It is a Brazillian-based IPTV service provider that offers sports channels, especially football-related content. Moreover, it is a completely free service provider, so that you will not be paying any subscription. There isn’t any need for signup or registration too. There aren’t any dedicated apps, so you have to access the contents from a Media Player with M3U URL. Let us see the installation guide for Rainha IPTV.

How to Watch Rainha IPTV on Android and iOS Devices

Rainha IPTV can be streamed on Android devices like a smartphone, tablet, Android Smart TV, and iOS devices like iPhone, iPad, Apple TV.

#1 Go to the Play Store or App Store on your Android or iOS device.

#2 Search for the GSE Smart IPTV app.

#3 Click on the Install or Get button on the app info screen.

Raiha IPTV on Android

#4 Now, launch the GSE Smart IPTV app on your device.

#5 Tap the + Add icon on the home screen.

Raiha IPTV on Android

#6 Then, tap Add M3U URL on the next screen.

Raiha IPTV on Android

#7 Enter the Playlist name and then add the M3U URL link of Rainha IPTV.

Raiha IPTV on Android

#8 Now, the Rainha IPTV will start to load on your respective device.

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How to Watch Rainha IPTV on Firestick

#1 On your Amazon Firestick home screen, click on the Find option and choose Search on the next screen.

#2 Now, type VLC Media Player on the search screen with the help of the Firestick remote.

VLC on Firestick

#3 Select the VLC Media Player app from the search results.

#4 Click on the Download button on the app info screen.

VLC on Firestick

#5 Wait for the app to download and install.

#6 Click on the Open button to launch the app on your Firestick.

#7 Now, select the Browsing option from the left pane.

Rainha IPTV on Firestick

#8 On the next screen, choose the Stream option.

Rainha IPTV on Firestick

#9 On the Network box, enter the M3U URL of Rainha IPTV and click Stream.

#10 On a successful connection, the contents will start streaming on your Fire TV Stick.

How to Stream Rainha IPTV on Smart TV

#1 First, install the Smart IPTV app on your Samsung or LG or Android Smart TV.

#2 Launch the app, and you can find the MAC address.

On Smart TV

#3 Go to http://siptv.app/mylist from any web browser.

#4 Enter the MAC Address of your device, then the M3U URL on the URL field.

#5 Click on the Send button.

Rainha IPTV on Smart TV

#6 Now, you need to log in if necessary.

#7 Once done, the contents will start loading on your TV Screen.

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Wrapping Up

Rainha IPTV offers Brazillian IPTV service with a variety of live TV channels and Video On Demand content to stream on respective devices. You can enjoy the contents inside the USA with steady servers. Now, make sure to use a VPN to bypass the geo-restrictions and protect your online privacy. Also, let us know your opinion about this service provider in the comments section.