Restream IPTV: How to Stream 5000+ Channels at $3

Restream IPTV

IPTV services are growing rapidly with the emergence of new providers offering more IPTV content. It is unlike cable or satellite TV and doesn’t have to watch what is broadcasted. IPTV lets you take advantage of this, and you can stream anything at your convenience. Upon signing up to an IPTV, you shall stream catch-up TV, VOD, nVOD, time-shifted media, live TV, etc. So, you will find something to watch every time you use the IPTV service. While IPTV providers are growing in number, it isn’t easy to choose the best service. However, you can consider Restream IPTV for the best streaming experience at any time.

Features of Restream IPTV

  • It provides 5000 channels from 42 countries, and you can stream them on your server.
  • You can either rent or buy 8000 VOD titles with this IPTV.
  • It has about 30 best servers, and you don’t have to worry about server stability.
  • It offers different modes of customer support, including email, skype, and phone.

Restream IPTV Pricing

There are different plans available with Restream Internet Protocol TV, and you can choose the one that suits your need.

  • Trial – 4-days Free Trial for 10 connect
  • Start – $3/connect/month for 50 connect
  • Basic – $2.5/connect/month for 200 connect
  • Premium – $1.5/connect/month for 1000 connect

How to Sign Up for Restream IPTV

1. Visit the Restream Official Website from your web browser.

2. Select Get Trial 24h link on the menu bar.

Get Free Trial

3. Choose the desired usability, enter the email and click the Sign-Up button.

Enter Details

4. Now, you should confirm the email and wait for your account to get activated in some time.

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How to Watch Restream IPTV on Android Devices

You need to proceed with the below steps to stream Restream content on your Android-powered devices like smartphones, tablets, and Android TV.

1. Download the IPTV Smarters Player app on your Android device from the Google Play Store.

2. Launch the IPTV Smarters Player app on your Android device.

3. When it loads, you need to enter the login details on the respective fields.


4. Then, tap on the Add User button.

5. Allow the content to load on the IPTV Smarters Player.

6. Finally, you shall browse or search for titles to stream them on your iPhone or iPad.

How to Stream Restream IPTV on iOS Devices

1. Unlock the iOS device and download the GSE Smart IPTV app from the App Store.

2. Navigate to the apps section to launch the GSE Smart IPTV app.

3. On the home screen, you should press the + icon available at the bottom right.

Select Plus icon

4. Select Add M3U URL on the pop-up.


5. Now, you shall enter the M3U URL of Restream TV and press Add.

6. With this, you shall start streaming any content on Restream TV IPTV.

How to Watch Restream IPTV on PC – Windows / Mac

1. Download VLC Media Player on your PC from the Website.

2. Open the VLC Media Player app on your Windows or Mac PC.

3. Press Ctrl+N or click Media to choose Open Network Stream.

4. On the URL field, you shall type the network M3U URL of Restream TV.


5. Then, press the Play button and allow the service to load the channels.

6. Once it gets over, you shall watch your desired media on your PC.

How to Stream Restream IPTV on Firestick

1. Launch the Firestick device and navigate to the Find tab.

2. Select the Search option in the Find tab.

3. Using the virtual keys, type as Downloader and select it from the suggestions.

4. On the info window, click on the Get icon to download the Downloader app.

Get Downloader -  Octane TV IPTV

5. Go to Fire TV Settings >> select Fire TV >> choose Developer Options >> Install Unknown Apps >> select Downloader.

6. After the download, select Open to launch the Downloader app.

7. Type the URL of the Perfect Player apk and click GO.

Downloader home screen - Octane TV IPTV

8. When it completes its download, select Install on the pop-up.

9. Choose Open to launch the IPTV on Fire TV Stick.

10. Select Playlist to proceed.

11. On the following screen, you shall type the M3U URL and press OK.

Perfect Player Firestick

12. Select EPG and provide the URL.

13. With this, you can watch the Restream TV title of your choice on Firestick.

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How to Watch Restream IPTV on Smart TV

[1] Turn on the Smart TV and check the internet connection.

[2] Select the App Store on the home screen to open and search for Smart IPTV.

[3] Choose the app and select Install to download the Smart IPTV app.

[4] Launch the Smart IPTV and note the MAC address of the device.

[5] Visit the Smart IPTV Official Website to activate the app on your PC or smartphone.

[6] Enter the M3U URL of Restream IPTV and MAC Address of the device.

enter the M3U URL of Restream IPTV

[7] Select Send to activate the app and go to the Smart IPTV app on your TV.

[8] Choose the content to stream on the Smart TV.

Restream IPTV Review

Restream IPTV is one of the best IPTV providers to watch TV channels anywhere in the world. To use Restream IPTV, you shall need to rely on any IPTV player. All you need to do is to enter the URL and start watching its content. Despite this, you get the best customer support and service at any time. Leave a comment in case of any inquiries about this IPTV.