How to Fix Freedom IPTV Not Working Issues

Freedom IPTV not Working

Freedom IPTV is one of the most popular IPTV player applications that can be accessed using an M3U playlist. While accessing IPTV content using the IPTV player, users may come across some streaming issues. In the Freedom IPTV or IP-TV Freedom, you can use more than 50 M3U URLs to stream the video content. If any of those URLs are not working on the Freedom IPTV app, use these troubleshooting measures to fix the issues.

How to Fix Freedom IPTV Not Working

Freedom IPTV is a well-designed IPTV player for your streaming devices. So, streaming issues should not be a major concern. Still, it is possible to encounter some difficulties while accessing IPTV content. However, these issues can be easily fixed to resume streaming your favorite TV channels.

Sign Up Issues of Freedom IPTV

Since Freedom IPTV is an IPTV player, users can access their channel playlist on it. However, at times it shows errors while signing in.


  • Entering the wrong account details
  • Subscription related issues


If you can’t sign into your IPTV playlist on the app, try these fixes.

1. Enter the Correct Account Details

Users might not be aware of the fact that they have been providing the wrong account details. To eliminate the possibility of errors, copy and paste your M3U URL in the respective field.

2. Subscription-related Issues

Check if your subscription to the IPTV provider has expired. In that case, users will have to reactivate their subscriptions. Also, make sure that you have not exceeded the number of connections provided by the provider.

Video Content is Buffering or Freezing

It is common for IPTV services to have buffering-related issues. It means that users often encounter interruptions while streaming IPTV content on their devices.


  • Server related issues
  • Internet issues


If you come across the buffering screen on Freedom IPTV, use these fixing measures.

1. Check for Server-Related Issues

The server of your IPTV provider might be down for unknown reasons. In that case, it is hard to play IPTV content on your streaming device using any IPTV player. Users can only wait for the server issues to be fixed before they can stream IPTV content.

2. Restart your Wi-Fi Router

It is necessary to restart your Wi-Fi router if your internet is slow. Unplug your device from the power outlet. Keep the device unplugged for 5 to 10 minutes. After connecting the Wi-Fi router back to the internet, connect your streaming device to it.

Restart WiFi router if Freedom IPTV not working

3. Contact your Internet Service Provider

If restarting a Wi-Fi router is not fixing the issue, contact your internet service provider. Let them know about the issues with the internet. Also, make sure that there are no issues from their side. To get the best internet speed, use an Ethernet cable.

Can’t Play Titles

Some users of IPTV services have found difficulty with playing specific video titles from the provider. However, it can be fixed easily to access IPTV content without hassle.


  • Geographical restrictions
  • Server related issues


If Freedom IPTV is not working when you try to access certain titles follow these instructions.

1. Check for Server-related Issues

It is common for IPTV providers to have server-related issues. Users should make sure that there are no issues on the server of your provider. In case of issues, notify them of the customer support of the service.

2. Use of VPN

The IPTV that you are trying to access might simply be blocked because of your geographical location. To unblock these restrictions, it is always necessary to use a VPN on your device. VPN services like NordVPN and ExpressVPN will also make sure that you get the online privacy that you deserve.

Use a VPN if Freedom IPTV not working

Black Screen or Blank Screen

A black screen on an IPTV service is one of the rare issues that you might come across. However, it is necessary to know how to fix them to watch your favorite content without errors.


  • Pending update
  • Issues with the app
  • Issues with the streaming device


If Freedom IPTV is showing a blank screen on your device, use these fixing measures.

1. Close Freedom IPTV

Users are advised to close this streaming application if it results in a black screen. After closing the app, they can restart it. When you open the app once again, the issue with its streaming may be resolved. If the issue exists, move on to the next troubleshooting tip.

Close the app if Freedom IPTV not working

2. Sign Out of the App

If you have streaming difficulties, sign out from your IPTV provider account. You can sign in to the app after a few minutes by providing the right account details. After signing in, play any title and check if the black screen shows up.

3. Update the Freedom IPTV App

If you have an outdated version of the Freedom IPTV player on your device, it might cause streaming difficulties. It is always necessary to keep your app updated for accessing IPTV content. The process of updating the app might vary according to the streaming device.

Other Playback-Related Issues

While streaming IPTV, you might not be able to access the audio tracks or subtitles. This is one of the common issues among IPTV providers.


  • Pending updates
  • Internet-related issues


If Freedom IPTV is not working while accessing IPTV content, try these fixing measures.

1. Restart Your Device

It is necessary to restart your device or perform a power cycle on it. All you need to do is unplug your device from the power outlet. We recommend users keep the device the same for 5 to 10 minutes. After opening the device, try accessing the IPTV account and check if the playback issue exists.

2. Update Your Device

It is necessary to keep your devices updated all the time. This will help you with preventing most of the streaming difficulties that your may face. It is possible to enable automatic updates on your device. Moreover, users can manually update the device from the settings.

3. Factory Reset Your Streaming Device

Performing a factory reset can help you eliminate all issues with your streaming device. It will make your device as good as new. However, users will have to set up the device and install all the applications after the factory reset.

It is possible to eliminate the streaming errors that you might have been facing on the service. If that does not work, users should try other IPTV players for Android or any other device to access content from the provider. Being a free IPTV player, Freedom IPTV does not offer any customer support for subscribers. You can leave a comment in the Google Play Store so that the developers will know about the issues.