If you are an avid user of IPTV services and IPTV providers, then you should check out Fox IPTV as they offer tons of content at a very affordable price. It offers a huge library of movies, TV shows, live channels, etc. Also, it is available on all commonly used devices and operating system platforms. So let’s get to know the signup process, pricing, and installation guide for Fox IPTV in the article below.

Features of Fox IPTV

  • Over 6000+ TV channels and 7000+ VOD from all around the world.
  • Used on all commonly used devices.
  • Stream video in HD, Full HD, and 4K quality.
  • Free trial along with different Subscription plan.
  • 7/18 customer care support via live chat and Emails.


  • 1 connection plan
    • 1 month – €14
    • 3 months – €30
    • 6 months – €50
    • 12 months – €70
  • 2 connections plan
    • 1 month – €25
    • 3 months – €50
    • 6 months – €80
    • 12 months – €120

How to Sign Up for Fox IPTV

[1] Visit the Fox IPTV website from any of your web browsers.

[2] Click on Order Now to view the subscription packages.

order now - Fox IPTV
[3] Select any of the available plans of Fox IPTV.

[4] Click on Credit Card or Crypto Payments in the tab.

plan - Fox IPTV
[5] Make the payment via card or cryptocurrency. Also, provide your name and email ID in the respective field.

[6] You will receive a mail from Fox IPTV once the payment is made with all your login credentials.

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How to Install Fox IPTV on Android Devices

[1] Download and install the IPTV app from the Play Store.

[2] Click on Add (+) icon from the top right corner.

playlist - Fox IPTV
[3] Select Add URL from the menu.

add url
[4] Enter the Playlist URL and playlist name (optional).

[5] Click on OK to add your URL.

[6] Now you can stream all the Fox IPTV movies, TV shows, and many more on your Android smartphone or tablet.


How to Stream Fox IPTV on iOS Devices

[1] From the App Store, download and install the GSE Smart IPTV app.

[2] Open the GSE Smart IPTV app and click on the Hamburger icon from the top left corner.

[3] Select the Xtream Codes API from the menu.

Xtream Codes AP
[4] Tap on the Add (+) icon below the Xtream Codes API tab.

[5] In the popup, enter any name of your choice, server URL, username, and password.

[6] Click on Add to add your Xtream Codes API

[7] Now tap on the added playlist to stream Fox IPTV on your iPhone or iPad.

How to Get Fox IPTV on PC using VLC

[1] Download and install VLC Media Player on your Windows or Mac PC.

[2] Launch VLC Media Player after installation.

[3] Click on Media from the menu bar.

Network Stream
[4] Select Open Network Stream option.

[5] Enter the M3U URL of Fox IPTV under the Network protocol section.

[6] Click on Play to start streaming all your favorite content on Fox TV.

[7] To navigate or change the channel, click on Ctrl + L from the keyboard.

How to Download Fox IPTV on Firestick

[1] Click on Settings from the home screen.

Firestick Settings
[2] Navigate to the My Fire TV/Device settings tab.

My fire IPTV
[3] Choose the Developer option from the menu.

[4] Under Developer options, choose Apps from Unknown Sources.

[5] Enable the Apps from Unknown Sources.

Apps from Unknown Sources
[6] Navigate back to the home screen and tap on the Search icon.

Search icon
[7] Search for Downloader and install the app on Fire TV device.

[8] Launch Downloader and enter the Smart IPTV URL.

[9] Install the apk once downloaded and launch Smart IPTV.

[10] Make a note of the Mac address that appears on the screen.

[11] Go to https://siptv.app/mylist/ from your browser.

[12] Enter the Mac address and the M3U URL or File in the respective field.

[13] Check on I’m not a robot box and click on Send.

[14] Restart the Smart IPTV app on your Fire TV.

[15] You can watch the IPTV content with the updated playlist on Smart IPTV.

By using the same steps, you can stream the Fox IPTV or smart TVs like Samsung and LG Smart TV.

How to Stream Fox IPTV on MAG Box

[1] On your MAG device, go to the Settings menu.

[2] Open the System settings option from the Settings menu.

System settings
[3] Select the Portals tab.

Portals option
[4] Enter any portal name in the Portal 1 name box and enter the IPTV URL in the Portal 1 URL.

[5] Then, click the OK button to save the changes.

[6] After that, restart the device.

[7] Now, you can stream all the IPTV contents on your MAG device.

How to Get Fox IPTV on Formuler Z TV BOX

[1] Open the Mytv Online app on your Formuler Z TV BOX.

Mytv Online app
[2] Go to Edit Service and click the Edit button.

[3] Enter any service nickname and enter the IPTV URL in the Service URL box.

[4] Then, click the OK button.

[5] Now, restart the TV. After that, you can stream the IPTV on your Formuler Z TV BOX.

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These are some of the ways to install and access Fox IPTV. Before accessing any kind of IPTV on any of its available devices, make sure to have an active VPN service to avoid your IP address being tracked and monitored. VPN’s like ExpressVPN offers complete anonymity with no compromise to the speed. We hope that this Fox IPTV review will be helpful to you. If you have any doubts or issues, drop us a comment below.