IPTV Streamz: Review, Pricing, and Installation Guide

IPTV Streamz

IPTV Streamz is the ultimate destination for entertainment with the best channel lineup. This subscription-based IPTV service provider streams over 60,000 TV channels of different genres. In addition, IPTV Streamz has an on-demand content library of over 24,000 movies and TV shows. Subscribers can stream this content without any interruptions as the best server uptime.  Also, this content from the service is available in 8K, 4K, FHD, and HD streaming quality.

Key Specs

  • No. of Channels: 60,000 TV channels
  • On-demand Content: 24,000 Movies and TV shows
  • Supported Devices: Android, iPhone, iPad, Firestick, MAG, Windows, Mac PC, Formuler Z8, Enima2/Vu+, and Smart TV
  • EPG Support: No
  • Free Trial: Yes, it is available


Users can get a different subscription based on how long they want a subscription.

  • 1 Month: €9.99
  • 3 Months: €24.99
  • 6 Months: €44.99
  • 12 Months: €64.99

Is IPTV Streamz Legal?

Users might be unsure if an IPTV provider like IPTV Streamz is legal or not. This is because of the absence of its native app in the Google Play Store or similar app stores. To ensure that the streaming online is safe, make use of VPNs to get the proxy network. The premium VPN like NordVPN or ExpressVPN offers better security to user data and IP address.

How to Sign Up For IPTV Streamz

1. Turn on your computer and connect with a stable Wi-Fi connection.

2. Use the search bar and look for IPTV Streamz.

3. Open the official website and click on the Prices and Plans tab.

Visit the IPTV Streamz website

4. Select the Get Service button next to any plan you like.

Choose any IPTV Streamz plan

5. Choose your payment method from the available options on your screen,

Choose the IPTV Streamz payment method

6. On the next screen, choose the BUY NOW button.

Click on BUY NOW button to get the IPTV Streamz  subscription

7. Fill in the fields in the Billing details field and click on BUY.

8. Finally, subscribers will receive an email from the service with their account credentials.

How to Download IPTV Streamz on Streaming Devices

Users can stream IPTV Streamz on the following devices.

Watch IPTV Streamz on Android Devices

With the help of an IPTV Player (here GSE Smart IPTV), stream TV channels from the IPTV provider on Android devices.

1. Turn on your Android smartphone or tablet and open the Google Play Store.

2. Tap the search bar of the Play Store and search for the GSE Smart IPTV app.

3. Select the Install button to initiate the app download.

4. Open the GSE Smart IPTV app and tap the Menu icon.

Tap the Menu icon

5. From the left side panel, choose the Remote Playlists option.

Tap Remote Playlists

6. Tap the Plus icon and choose the Add M3U URL option.

Tap Add M3U URL and add IPTV Streamz M3U URL

7. Enter the Playlist Name and provide the IPTV Streamz M3U URL.

8. Once done, select the Add option.

9. Click on the OK option to load the TV channel playlist in the app.

10. Finally, play TV channels from the service on the device.

Watch IPTV Streamz on Windows or Mac PC

To stream the TV channel lineup of the service, users should employ an IPTV provider like IPTV Smarters Player on their computers.

1. With any web browser on Windows or Mac PC, visit the BlueStacks website.

Visit the BlueStacks website

2. Follow the instructions to download and install the BlueStacks emulator on the device.

3. As the process is over, open BlueStacks on the device.

4. Click on the Sign In button and sign in to your Google Account with the necessary account details.

Sign in to the Google Account

5. Select the Google Play Store icon on the BlueStacks screen.

6. Using the search bar, look for the Smarters Players Lite app.

7. Select the app from the results and install it on your computer.

8. Open the Smarters Players Lite app on the device and sign in to your IPTV Streamz account.

Sign in to your IPTV Streamz account

9. Once done, users can play their favorite TV channels from the service.

Watch IPTV Streamz on Firestick

To access the TV channel playlist of IPTV Streamz, users need to sideload an IPTV Player on their Firestick. Follow these steps to sign in to the IPTV Player app with your subscription to any provider.

1. Launch the Firestick home screen and select the Find option.

2. Select the Search option and look for the Downloader app.

Click on Search

3. Use the virtual on-screen keyboard to search for the Downloader app.

Search for Downloader

4. Select the app icon and click on the Download button.

Click on Download

5. As the app download is over, return to the Firestick home screen.

6. Select the Firestick Settings by selecting its icon on the home screen.

Open Settings

7. Select the My Fire TV tile and choose Developer Options.

Select the My Fire TV option

8. Select the Install Unknown Apps option and enable the Downloader app by selecting its icon.

Enable the Downloader app

9. Go back to the Firestick home screen.

10. Open the Downloader app and provide the Rocksat IPTV Player APK URL.

Provide the APK URL of the IPTV Player

11. Select the Go button to download the app.

12. As the download is complete, install the APK file.

13. Open the Rocksat IPTV Player and sign in to the IPTV Streamz account.

14. Finally, start streaming the TV channel lineup from the service on Firestick.

Watch IPTV Streamz on Smart TV

Install an IPTV Player app like Perfect Player on your smart TV to get access to your IPTV Providers account.

1. Power up the Android Smart TV and launch its home screen.

2. Open the Google Play Store and select the Search icon.

Open Google Play Store

3. With the help of the on-screen keyboard, search for Perfect Player.

4. In the app info page, select the Install button to download the app.

5. As the app download completes, launch the Perfect Player app.

6. Click on the Settings icon from the top of the app.

Stream IPTV Streamz on Perfect Player

7. Select the General option and choose the Playlist option.

8. Click on M3U and provide the IPTV Streamz M3U URL.

9. Type in a Playlist Name and select the OK button.

10. This will load the TV channel playlist on the app.

11. Finally, users can stream popular TV channels from the service on the Smart TV.

Watch IPTV Streamz on MAG

To stream IPTV Streamz on MAG, follow these instructions carefully.

1. Turn on the MAG and open the Settings menu.

Select the Settings icon

2. Select the System Settings icon in the Settings menu.

3. Choose the Servers option on the menu.

4. Navigate to the Portals option and select it.

Select the Portals option

5. Enter the Portal Name and paste the IPTV Streamz M3U URL in the respective fields.

Paste the IPTV Streamz M3U URL

6. Once done, select the Save option to load the TV channel playlist.

7. Finally, the users can enjoy watching the TV channels from the IPTV provider.

Alternatives to IPTV Streamz

Try these IPTV providers as the best alternatives for the service.


Without any doubt, IPTV Streamz has the best channel lineup and VOD library. The VOD library is frequently updated with new movies and TV shows. The service offers a 7-day money-back guarantee. So, if users aren’t interested in the subscription, they can cancel their subscription. It is easy to add and activate the service on all compatible devices.