SnapIPTV: Features, Pricing, & Installation Guide


Internet Protocol Television or IPTV is better than cable subscription for a wide variety of reasons. Finding the best working IPTV isn’t that straightforward when there are tens and hundreds. However, we found SnapIPTV to be an exception as it is one of the most reliable services available. It is a subscription-based service that features an extensive content library. In this section, you will find SnapIPTV features along with its sign-up and installation procedure.

Features of SnapIPTV

The following are the features you will find with SnapIPTV.

  • There are thousands of best channels from around the world.
  • You can stream 9000+ movies, TV series, etc.
  • It has popular sports channels, and you will never miss your favorite events.
  • It includes channels related to news, reality TV, weather, etc.
  • SnapIPTV has more than 7000 SD and HD channels.
  • You will get access to the EPG for most of the channels.
  • It offers 24/7 customer support, and you can reach out for technical issues.

SnapIPTV Plans & Pricing

There are four different plans available with SnapIPTV, and you get a 1-day free trial before making the payment.

  • Monthly Plan: $14
  • Quarterly Plan: $32
  • Half Yearly Plan: $56
  • Yearly Plan: $96

How to Sign Up for SnapIPTV

The step-by-step procedure will help you to sign up for a Snap TV account.

1. Launch a browser on your phone or PC and visit the official website of SnapIPTV.

2. Navigate to click on the Subscription menu and choose any of the plans.

3. Enter the necessary details to proceed with the billing and payment.

4. Select the payment method and make payment for the SnapIPTV subscription.

5. Finally, check your email inbox for the sign-up details.

How to Download SnapIPTV on Android Devices

Follow the steps below to install Snap TV on your Android phone, tablet, etc.

1. Go to the Google Play Store and click on the Search field.

2. You should type in the app name as IPTV Smarters Pro and select it from the suggestions.

3. Launch the app when the installation completes on your Android device.

4. When it loads up, click on the Login with Xtream Codes API button.

Login with Xtream Codecs - SnapIPTV

5. Enter the login details of SnapIPTV and click on Add User.

Enter login details - SnapIPTV

6. After it gets loaded, you can start streaming its content on your Android TV or phone.

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How to Get SnapIPTV on iOS & Apple Devices

It is possible to access the SnapIPTV content on iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV with the help of GSE Smart IPTV.

1. Navigate on the Apps section and launch the GSE Smart IPTV app.

2. Hover to press the Menu icon available at the top.

3. Now, choose the Xtream-Codec API option.

4. Provide the login details of SnapIPTV and select Add.

5. Choose the SnapIPTV app to launch it on your device.

6. Go ahead to stream any titles of Snap TV on your iOS or other Apple devices.

How to Get SnapIPTV on Firestick

Follow the instructions given below to access SnapIPTV on Fire TV. Make sure you carry out the process with IPTV Smarters on Firestick.

1. Launch the IPTV Smarters app on your Fire TV under Your Apps & Channels.

2. Select the Login with Xtream Codes API button to proceed.

3. You should key in the sign-in credentials on the respective fields.

4. Once done, click on the Add User button.

5. Upon successful log-in, you shall proceed with Snap TV content on your Firestick.

How to Download SnapIPTV on MAG Boxes

1. Go to your MAG Box Settings with the help of the navigation key.

Settings - SnapIPTV

2. Scroll down and select the System Settings option.

System Settings - SnapIPTV

3. On the next screen, you should click on the Portals.


4. Now, provide the Snap TV portal name and the URL.

Portal URL - SnapIPTV

5. Restart the portal and start streaming SnapIPTV on MAG Box.

How to Watch SnapIPTV on PC – Windows and Mac

Accessing SnapIPTV is possible if you have the VLC media player on your Windows or Mac PC.

1. Launch the VLC Media Player app on your desktop or laptop.

2. On the menu bar, select Media and choose Open Network Streams.

Select Media - SnapIPTV

3. Under the Network section, type in the Network URL (Snap TV URL).

Network URL

4. Select the Play button, and you can stream Snap IPTV on your computer.

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How to Install SnapIPTV on Xbox using Kodi

You can access the features of SnapIPTV on your Xbox with the help of Kodi. The steps are as follows. Make sure you have installed the Kodi app on your Xbox.

1. On your Xbox gaming console, launch the Kodi app.

2. Select the TV menu from the left panel.

Select TV

3. If you receive a pop-up, click OK to proceed.


4. To add the IPTV, select the Enter Add-on Browser button.

Enter Add-on Browser - SnapIPTV

5. When the list of addons appears, navigate to click on the PVR IPTV Simple Client.

PVR Simple IPTV Client - SnapIPTV

6. On the installation window, select the Configure button.

Configure - SnapIPTV

7. Choose the M3U Play List URL under the General tab.

M3U Playlist URL

8. Provide the URL of the SnapIPTV and press the OK button.

9. When the IPTV gets added, you will see Channel Loaded message.

10. With this, you shall start streaming Snap TV titles on Xbox.

Note: You can follow the same steps on any of your Kodi-compatible devices.

To Conclude

Undoubtedly, Snap TV is a great option to stream almost everything. It features the biggest on-demand library. The only drawback with SnapIPTV is it is quite costly. Start with the free trial if you aren’t sure how Snap TV works for you.