Best IPTV Service Providers in Canada [2022]

Best IPTV in Canada

Nowadays, most of us prefer IPTV services to stream live TV channels, movies, series, and on-demand videos. With IPTV services, you can cut the cord and save money from spending a lot on official streaming services. It offers the best content streaming over the internet. IPTV services are available worldwide. There are several IPTV service providers available in Canada, and you might be finding it hard to choose the best one.

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We have listed the best IPTV service providers in Canada based on the content provided by the service provider.

IPTVContent ProvidedBasic SubscriptionPurchase Link
IPTV Trends19000 TV channels, 56000 VOD$18.99/monthSubscribe
IPTV Promotions15000 TV channels, 150K VOD$12.5/monthSubscribe
iptvit5000 TV channels, 45K VOD$14.97/monthSubscribe
XtremeHD IPTV20000 TV channels, 5000 VOD$15.99/monthSubscribe
4KGOLD IPTV22000 TV channels, 20K VOD$15/monthSubscribe
TV Subscription20000 TV channels, 10K VOD$13.99/monthSubscribe
BestBuyIPTV7300 TV channels, 9600 VOD$10/monthSubscribe

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IPTV Trends is a premium IPTV provider that provides live TV channels from the UK, Canada, and the USA. You can stream 19000+ live TV channels and 56000 movies and series. IPTV Trends can be streamed on all devices, including Android and iOS. It provides M3U URL and is compatible with the best IPTV Players. Further, it provides 24 hours trial that costs $2.99.

IPTV Trends- best IPTV Canada


Subscription DurationPrice
One Month$18.99
Three Months$50.99
Six Months $80.99
One Year$150.99
Lifetime $500

2. IPTV Promotions

IPTV Promotions offers 15000+ live TV channels and 150K+ on-demand videos of movies and TV shows. It lets you stream all your favorite content and TV channels in 4K FHD HD quality. IPTV Promotions can be accessed on all devices, including Android, Firestick, Google TV, and more. Further, you cannot watch it on multiple devices at the same time. If you wish for simultaneous streaming, you need to pay an extra payment to stream it on multiple devices concurrently. It also offers 24 hours of free trial for the users.

IPTV Promotions- best IPTV Canada


Subscription Duration Pricing
One Month$12.5
Three Months $29
Six Months$49
Twelve Months$69

3. iptvit

iptvit is one of the best IPTV providers in Canada. This IPTV provides 5000+ live TV channels, 20K movies, 1500 TV shows, and 45K+ on-demand videos. New movies and shows are updated regularly, so you will get something new to stream every time. It provides 24/7 reliable customer service for the users to clear their queries. Further, it offers a 7-day money-back guarantee with a valid reason. iptvit is compatible with all devices, including Android, Mac OS, Firestick, and other major platforms.

Best IPTV Canada


Subscription DurationPrice
One Month$14.97
Three Months$24.97
Six Months$39.97
Twelve Months $59.97

4. XtremeHD IPTV

XtremeHD IPTV is one of the most used IPTV services in Canada. It has 20000+ live TV channels, movies, and TV shows. This IPTV uses Anti-Freeze technology to give you a buffer-free streaming experience. You can watch XtremeHD IPTV on Windows PC, Smart TVs, Android, Firestick, MAG, and more. Further, it offers 24/7 customer support for the customers. With its standard plan, you can stream it on one device at a time. If you want to stream it on multiple devices, you can add it to the subscription plan.



Subscription DurationPrice
36 Hours Trial$3
One Month$15.99
Three Months$45.99
Six Months$74.99
Twelve Months$140.99


4KGOLD IPTV is the number one IPTV provider in Toronto and other parts of Canada. The service has 22000+ live TV channels and on-demand videos. New movies and shows are added regularly so that you can explore new content every day. Further, you can stream all your favorite content in more than 70 languages and in high quality, including 4K. Since it supports all devices, you can easily stream it on your device. First, you can use its 24 hours free trial to go through its service, then get a subscription from its official website.



Subscription DurationPrice
One Month$15
Three Months$40
Six Months$60
Twelve Months$100

6. TV Subscription

TV subscription is an excellent IPTV provider in Canada which offers 20000+ live TV channels and video-on-demand. With that, you can watch all your favorite sports games, cartoons, movies, series, and TV shows. It uses anti-freeze technology that helps you stream your favorite content without buffering issues. TV Subscription is compatible with the streaming devices like Fire TV, Apple, Android, MAG, Smart TV, and Windows.

TV Subscription


Subscription DurationPrice
One Month$13.99
Three Months$29.99
Six Months$49.99
Twelve Months$69.99

7. BestBuyIPTV

With BestBuyIPTV, you can watch 7300+ live TV channels and 9600 on-demand videos in 38 countries. It lets you stream entertainment and sports channels, and movies. Since it is compatible with all devices, you can easily stream it on your device. It provides customer support through live chat for the customer to clear queries instantly. Further, it offers 24 hours free trial for the users.



Subscription DurationNo of ConnectionsPrice
One Month1
Three Months1
Six Months1
One Year1
Two Year1

Each IPTV providers are unique with its peculiar features. So you can select the best IPTV provider that will satisfy all your entertainment needs. Further, it is not that all service providers will contain the content will a legal license. As you all know, some of the IPTV providers may deliver content that will lead to legal issues. So always remember to use a Premium VPN such as ExpressVPN or NordVPN while streaming IPTV on your device.