Boom Media IPTV Review: Why is it Shut Down?

Boom media IPTV
Boom media IPTV

Boom Media IPTV was one of the popular and most used IPTV services. IPTV is a platform for entertainment but also has become a tool for piracy. Boom Media offers lots of pirated content on various networks at a very low cost of $10 and $20 per month. Also, it was available and portable on all devices like Android, iOS, PC, Fire TV, etc.

Boom Media IPTV Sued by DISH Network

Boom media IPTV - busted

Since it posses lots of pirated content, DISH Network files a lawsuit against Boom Media IPTV on several levels of Piracy and violation. Also, the case has been won by DISH Network without a fight because Boom media has done over 3,333 violations, which are proved. Boom Media has got bankrupt as they were asked to pay $1000 for each violation, which results in $3.3 million. After this, all the site and servers of Boom Media has been suspended and eliminated completely.

Will Boom Media IPTV hand over user data?

Boom Media IPTV has been asked by DISH Network to handover all the user data, but Boom media’s owner John Henderson and Debra Henderson has refused to provide those details. In order to avoid the data being shared, the case needs to go on trial, and it needs over $15000 to start. Due to the lack of amount, John Henderson on YouTube asked his users to donate about $25,000. As per the norms, all data asked should be provided to the plaintiff if they win the case. Since there is a lack of resources to go for another trial, they may handover the user data.

Precautions on IPTV

beware of IPTV
  • Always buy a plan with the least amount and number of days in any kind of IPTV. Because it isn’t sure when an IPTV service will be suspended or shutdown.
  • Use a VPN whenever you are trying to access any kind of IPTV services. VPN helps to hide your identity from being exposed to any IPTV service and provide complete anonymity.

History of IPTV

History of iPTV

Boom media is not the first one to be sued and last on IPTV History. It has happened before with several other IPTVs like gear loaded IPTV, One Nation Portal, Nitro TV, Open Load, CotoMovies, etc. They can be a great game-changer in the market, but due to some IPTV services, it’s been trusted less when compared to other services.


Before planning for any kind of IPTV, make sure to know completely about it. Also, try a free trial before going for the plan. For all kinds of IPTV services and guidelines, visit